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This Wind Action Blog is operated for all citizens and residents of Wainfleet Township and Ontario who have organized and are organizing Opposition to the development of Industrial Wind Turbine (IWT) sites in their township, and for all Canadians concerned about the greed in Green Energy.  IWT’s are mostly the creatures of the Ontario Green Energy and Green Economy Act 2009, the purpose of which was to build a Green Economy in Ontario: a means of alternative energy generation and jobs.  IWT’s, however, are an alternative form of energy generation that does not work without the use of conventional fossil fuel power, and which provides only 2% of total energy supply for a province that generates excess power that is “sold” to other jurisdictions by paying them to take it.

The Green Energy Act is a draconian invasion into the life and well being of rural Ontario where it is taking, and will take up, huge tracts of land to service it.  The GEA also represents a denial of the democratic rights of citizens by eliminating the power of local governments to regulate land use and utilities development inside their various jurisdictions.

The Auditor General’s Report for Ontario has slammed the government for wasting over a billion dollars in pursuit of a policy that was never investigated or opened up for public debate. The worst aspect of IWT development is the adverse health effects that result from their operation.

The Ontario Green Energy Act, as written, usurps local democracy, stifles opposition to IWT’s, handcuffs by way of contract anyone who leases land for IWT placement, shuts out citizen opposition to Green projects that are bad for health, results in reductions in real estate values, and, finally, produces too little energy at HUGE costs to consumers and taxpayers while requiring conventional electrical power to keep the IWT running.

For an environmentalist view of the problem with “Green”, see the pages titled, Green Illusions Video, and Green Illusions Book Review.

This Blog also comments on the Welland River Flood Plain initiative that the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority wants to impose on properties in Wainfleet that sit by the river.  The Videos page offers YouTube videos relevant to the action against Industrial Wind Turbines.

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