Submit Protest MOE Deadline

Submit your protest:
Vineland Power and Wainfleet Energy Inc.: their REA (Request for Environmental Assessment) applications have been deemed, complete, as of Dec.13/12.
The public (any member of the public regardless of township of residence) has 45 days from that date to submit their comments, criticisms, complaints, etc. on these 2 projects. The Links below will take you to the MOE site announcing each project.
Vineland Power West Lincoln project, located at, 9556 Sixteen Road Lot 20, Concession 6, TOWNSHIP OF WEST LINCOLN.
Wainfleet Energy Inc. 22211 Abby Road, Lot 22, Concession 2, Part 22, TOWNSHIP OF WAINFLEET.
The Ministry site says:
“This proposal has been posted for a 45 day public review and comment period starting December 13, 2012. If you have any questions, or would like to submit your comments, please do so by January 27, 2013 to the individual listed under “Contact”. Additionally, you may submit your comments on-line.
All comments received prior to January 27, 2013 will be considered as part of the decision-making process by the Ministry of the Environment if they are submitted in writing or electronically using the form provided in this notice and reference EBR Registry number 011-7796.
Please Note: All comments and submissions received will become part of the public record. You will not receive a formal response to your comment, however, relevant comments received as part of the public participation process for this proposal will be considered by the decision maker for this proposal.” 

FOLLOW the online instructions for making a submission. You can mail it in by letter or email it (there is a, Submit Comment, button). Maybe doing it both ways could be helpful.
Concerns/objections you can raise: Setback distance, Noise, Vibration, Adverse Health Effects, Moratorium, Studies on Health Effects, Birds, Bats, Wildlife, Property Values, Industrial Use of Agricultural Lands, Public Health and Safety, Shadow Flicker, Low Frequency Noise, Dirty(stray) Hydro, and the list goes on:
For Wainfleet, please mention that the proposal does not meet the ENVIRONMENTAL and Public SAFETY requirements of Township By-law 013-2012 which requires a 2km setback from a dwelling for Industrial Wind Turbines.
With a LARGE number of submissions, maybe the cruel Christmas present can be made less cruel.