ONTARIO GOTHIC (per Ontario Wind Resistance)

Ontario Gothic is a reference to Mary Shelley’s gothic story, Frankenstein, in a report by Rick Conroy in the Wellington Times, one that is very apropos the Industrial Wynne Turbine monsters.

If Shelley wrote her gothic horror story, “the work of a dark imagination fuelled by opioids“, Conroy naturally wonders, “what was Kathleen Wynne and her government smoking when they let loose their own man-made monsters across rural Ontario—in the form of industrial wind developers and speculators?

He reports, “Even if you buy the sentiment that their motivations were well-intentioned, the undeniable outcome of the Green Energy Act is that Kathleen Wynne and Dalton McGuinty have spawned armies of amoral monstrous corporate creatures and have let them loose to roam unfettered across the province. To wreak havoc in rural communities. To despoil the environment. To slaughter endangered species. To make folks sick“.

He goes on to observe how the McGuinty-Wynne axis (my description) has prepared the way for this by denying local democracy, by eviscerating environmental legislation to fast track developments what would otherwise have been rejected by local councils and defeated by existing laws. To put trademark its monster, the Ontario government has facilitated a rubber-stamp appeal process to ensure a blood supply to its monster (not to belabour a metaphor).

Near Chatham, folks believe the wind developer working nearby has poisoned their wells—allowing toxins into their drinking supply. They have done the testing. They have spoken out. They have protested. Marched on Queen’s Park. Kathleen Wynne has ignored them.“. Eschewing the name of, “Frankenstein” for their spawn (do doubt worried about copyright), they view it as a “necessary evil

Left without the protection of the province—without the safeguards that would protect them from any other development— these folks took matters into their own hands. In August, they began blockading the construction site— neighbours joining together to form a line against the threat to their drinking water.“. The Wynne-lose government, turns out, were able to rely on their legal cronies to set matters right: “…in a cruel blow, the developers— a Korean conglomerate and its American partner—won a court injunction barring any further blockades of the project. The judge said he wasn’t trying to muzzle opponents, but to “prohibit unlawful acts”.” Guess who pays the Judge”s salary?

The horror is on-going (a McGuinty-Wynne Serial), “Untethered by moral, ethical or community concerns, these corporate beasts consume and ravage everything they can get away with. Folks who have fought for years to protect the things our government was supposed to safeguard, have been left gasping in despair. Lacking legal remedies or protection, some have begun considering other means to protect their families, their communities and their land. If the government won’t protect them, they will do it themselves“.

Corporate Welfare is Green

The Ontario Liberals in Opposition used to go on about corporate welfare (subsidies from government to corporations) to match the NDP rants on the same.

The Ontario Liberal Government in power created the Green Energy policies that are now regulated law in the province. They hand out tax subsidies in the billions to Green Energy development of wind turbines and solar panel arrays. The beneficiaries of these handouts are almost exclusively corporations in the business of building the euphemistic Alternate Energy Generation.

The Consumer Policy Institute has published a paper (by Brady Yauch) detailing the scope of the Greening of Corporate Welfare in Ontario:
While the province’s renewable energy policy was presented as a win-win for local communities and regular Ontarians, the benefits from that policy have accrued to a small group of companies. Nowhere is this more evident than in the subsidies going to companies that own the windmills now dotting the province’s countryside.
Some 82% of all subsidies to wind generators have gone to foreign, out-of-province, or
multinational companies with annual revenues of more than $1 billion. Nearly 60% of all
wind subsidies have gone to companies with more than $10 billion in annual revenues.
Less than 10% of all subsidies to wind generators have gone to small-scale or local

The multinational companies and other big businesses receiving the lion’s share of these
subsidies have little to lose in the current environment. They receive a fixed, abovemarket
rate for their power, while ratepayers are left footing the bill – whether or not
such output is needed. Rather than becoming an engine of a new green economy, green
power has become a drain on ratepayers’ pockets.

Green-Washing Corporate Welfare to the Tune of $1.7 Billion
The reality of the province’s support for the wind sector – both before and after the Green Energy Act – has been exclusive and not one that includes all Ontarians. Big business, international corporations and their subsidiaries have received billions of dollars in wind subsidies as part of Ontario’s push to replace coal with renewable power. Using data from the province’s electricity market operator, this joint study by Energy Probe and Consumer Policy Institute1 estimates that at least $1.7 billion in wind subsidies have been given to wind farm operators in Ontario since 2006, the earliest date for data. 2 Eleven companies have received 90% of those subsidies. Around 82% of all subsidies to wind generators have been handed out to nine companies (or subsidiaries of those companies) – seven of them based outside of either Ontario or Canada – with annual revenues in excess of $1 billion. Nearly 60% of all wind subsidies have been funnelled to six companies with more than $10 billion in annual revenue. Small-scale and local wind generator companies have received 10% of all subsidies.

To see how prices are set and subsidies spent, download Report (PDF)
The colour Green is GREED in Ontario.

FOLLOW UP on how when subsidies are cut Green Energy Investment declines or dries up.

And the Oscar for, Worst Politician, goes to…

His fatuous and wild decision to “green” Ontario’s energy production throws up new failures and costs every day. In the early days of this hollow fascination he forbade municipal governments from assessing or interfering with his projects. He virtually shut down one whole order of government. Democracy? Green was imposed; local objections be damned. – Rex Murphy

The award goes to… guess?

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Wind and Waterloo

Two newspaper articles report on how rural councils are defying Dalton the Dolt’s march to  Green (greed) Energy as his Waterloo: London Free Press and the North Bay Nugget.

“Municipal council members throughout rural Ontario are deciding whether or not to turn their backs on Premier Dalton McGuinty later this month. This drama, if it develops as expected, will play out in Ontario’s biggest municipality, Toronto. But it will have been prompted by one of the province’s smallest, the Township of Arran Elderslie. The event will be McGuinty’s scheduled speech at the so-called Good Roads convention, perhaps the largest gathering of municipal officials in the province each year.” Ref. Wind Resistance Ontario.

Ontario Government Still Lying About Setbacks!

With incredible, and cynical, brazenness Dalton the Dolt and his ministers continue to insist that Ontario’s laws governing Green Energy stipulate the province has setback regulations that are ‘some of the toughest in the world’ and ‘the best in North America’. Mainstream media (aka consensus media) ignore the lie in favour of the fiction. But there are media sources that don’t buy it: the Barrie Examiner says the gov’t of Ontario is spinning tales about setbacks, claiming to have ‘some of the toughest in the world’ and ‘the best in North America’; together with, inter alia, “The simple truth is that Ontario’s regulated distances from industrial wind turbines are woefully inadequate and sub-par to many other jurisdictions, and fail to address the issues of health and safety for the nearby residents. The issues facing the rural residents of Ontario are far from being properly addressed or resolved. Ontario’s chief medical officer of health did not conduct evidence-based scientific research, when it was concluded that there is no ‘direct causal link between wind turbine noise and adverse health effects’.”

This info is re-posted from Ontario Resistance, which also has a page devoted to Setback requirements in other jurisdictions Setbacks. This information is also avaliable at WindPowerGrab, ALL OF WHICH GIVES THE LIE to Dalton the Dolt’s insistence on the best and toughest, blah, blah, blah.   (Image stolen from Ontario Wind Resistance, supra)

Dalton the Dolt

Mail This Letter by Post

(Copy resides in PDF/Doc Files, above)

—–, 2012

Dalton McGuinty, Premier,
Legislative Building,
Queen’s Park,
Toronto, Ontario M7A 1A1

Dear Premier McGuinty:

Here is a suggestion to relieve some of the existing and escalating provincial debt.

Stop new renewable energy contracts. Legally delay or deny approval for wind and solar projects which are in the pre-approval phase. Augment the Renewable Energy Guidelines by, for instance, requiring wind energy developers to comply with more rigorous criteria including scientific research on setback allowances, noise, wind velocity, human health issues, property values, agricultural animal productivity
and welfare, air traffic flight paths (commercial passenger and cargo plus light aircraft including air ambulance), environmental and ecological impact, health and safety issues for domestic animals, longterm adverse effect of cement pedestals on ground water, depletion of finite local aggregate supply and induced seismic activity on faults. Research is expensive; mistakes are more costly. Reduce costs of existing renewable energy projects by re-negotiating Feed-In-Tariff contracts and by reducing or eliminating subsidies and tax credits. Reduce guaranteed return on investments for renewable energy developers and operators to levels compatible with current financial market realities.

The Ontario Auditor General’s report notes that for each of the approximately 40,000 jobs expected to be created through renewable energy programs, 75% will only last 1 to 3 years duration and for every job created about two to four jobs are often lost in other sectors because of higher electricity costs. This net job loss will further deplete government and economic revenues and reinforces the need for a reduction in the commitment to renewable energy.

A reduced financial commitment to renewable energy will lead to a reduction in the forecasted 7.9% annual increase in residential electricity rates as 56% of this projected increase is directly linked to proposed renewable energy installations.

Consult with your legal teams. Consult with your staff in the Ministries of Finance, Energy, Environment and Health. Conduct a solid economic analysis and business case study as recommended by the Ontario Auditor General. Respect the rural municipalities’ requests for moratoriums on industrial wind turbines.

Please do not continue to accept stakeholders’ perspectives without balancing their claims, which are based on projections of huge financial gains for the renewable energy entrepreneurs and investors or on idealistic environmentalists, against solid scientific research (governmental, academic and independent consultants in Ontario, Canada and internationally). The facts about renewable energy are available.  Ontario’s Auditor General and researchers at Ontario’s universities have made valid points.

The Ontario Government’s energy investment priority should be in new gas, nuclear and/or hydroelectric capacity, upgrading existing generating facilities, and in refurbishing transmission grids.

Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) data indicate that land based industrial wind turbines mainly generate electricity during the winter months, particularly overnight (also when many jurisdictions turn turbines off to protect fauna), when consumer demand is lowest and electricity is sold cheaply at far less than the prices paid under the Feed-in-Tariff contracts.  Industrial wind turbines are not environmentally or ecologically benign and research shows that there is only a negligible reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to gas, nuclear and hydroelectric.

This is not the time financially to be hemorrhaging billions of dollars in the construction of uncontrollable and unreliable wind and solar projects to supplement continuous, predictable and proven electricity generation by gas, nuclear and hydroelectric.

Ontario’s future depends on you. As taxpayers and voters we ask you to lower your renewable energy target. It is a financial nightmare. We simply cannot afford it.






Copies to:

The Honourable D. Duncan, Minister of Finance, Hearst Block, 4th Floor, 900 Bay Street, Toronto, Ont.
M7A 2E1

The Honourable C. Bentley, Minister of Energy, 900 Bay Street, 4th Floor, Hearst Block, Toronto, Ont.
M7A 2E1

The Honourable J. Bradley, Minister of the Environment, 77 Wellesley Street West, 11th Floor, Ferguson
Block, Toronto, Ont. M7A 2T5

The Honourable D. Matthews, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, 10th Floor, Hepburn Block, 80
Grosvenor Street, Toronto, Ont. M7A 2C4

The Ontario Government’s energy investment priority should be in new gas, nuclear and/or hydroelectric capacity, upgrading existing generating facilities, and in refurbishing transmission grids.

Don’t forget:

Tim Hudak Niagara West – Glanbrook
Unit M1, 4961 King Street East
Beamsville,Ontario L0R 1B0
905-563-1755 or 905-563-1317


From the Big Green Lie

McGuinty/Smitherman’s “Green Energy Scam” is generating lawsuits from all over the World!!!!

Will 2012 be the year that Ontario taxpayers will not only see their public services cut because of the Green Energy push that has been forging ahead full speed for over 3 years now but in addition to having our bought and paid for necessities of services ripped out from under us by the guys who actually spent our money poorly, we should expect to reach deep to pay the LAWSUITS coming!

Japan lodged a complaint with the World Trade Organization initially and now the European Union is after their “pound of Ontario flesh” due to the piss poor decision making on the wild Green Ride Smitherman and McGuiinty took us on over the past 3 years.

Millions of Ontarians told these guys to stop this, yet away they went.  Using CANWEA and their stable of “talking mules” they rammed the Wind Turbine Industry down taxpayer’s throats and now must answer for their actions on the public stage.

Let’s watch them spin their way out of this mess!  OR spend their way out!..with OUR money!

EU launches WTO suit on Canadian renewable power

Wed Jan 11, 2012 REUTERS

GENEVA (Reuters) – The European Union has escalated a trade dispute over Canadian provincial rules for solar and wind energy subsidies by asking the World Trade Organization to set up a panel to rule on the case, the WTO said on Wednesday.

The EU’s decision to resort to legal measures against Canada, after the failure of direct talks to settle the dispute, will come as little surprise because Japan has already trodden the same path in an identical case.

The EU and Japan say the Canadian province of Ontario is illegally restricting trade by giving an subsidy to local producers of renewable energy equipment and services.

The scheme guarantees above-market energy prices for renewable power that uses a certain amount of Canadian-made equipment or services, a provision that the complainants say is against the WTO’s rules.

The EU says Ontario’s scheme demands solar projects must have 40 percent of their initial development made up of local products and services, while wind energy needs 25 percent.

The EU has put the request for a dispute panel on the agenda of the WTO’s Dispute Settlement Body when it meets on Friday January 20, six months after a panel was set up to adjudicate on Japan’s complaint against Canada.