Green Energy Only Works If You Tax Everything

Call it like it is: Andrew Follet in the Daily Caller. Without government subsidies, and I’ll add the current Canadian saviour, Deficit Financing, Green Energy cannot and will not ever be able to compete with conventional power sources!

Follow these conclusions:
1– conventional energy over the next decade will be less expensive than Green Energy
2– massive government subsidies are needed to make it work but not compete with conventional sources (now, it’s become, Greed Energy)
3– Green Energy  can only work if power prices are exceedingly high
4– Solar and Wind power are more than twice as costly as natural gas (and maybe even more than twice for coal and hydro, just a guess)
5– the “True-dough” and Wynne-lose governments are pushing the idea of a Carbon Tax to make power more expensive so that GREEN can SEEM to be competitive, never mind that we have approached a level of poverty caused by energy prices
6– Ireland, Sweden, Chile, and Finland have carbon taxation (so does the province of BC); however, Australia repealed its carbon tax in 2014 because it appeared to be harming the economy
7– no jurisdiction taxes carbon at a high enough rate to impact global CO2 emissions, and to do so all governments would have to tax everything
8– weaning ourselves off fossil fuels (to please Leonardo DiCaprio et al), ain’t gonna happen
9– beside high prices, Green Energy is UNRELIABLE, its output is unpredictable, and it tends to produce the most power at times it is least needed
10– even if the cost of fuel went up radically, Greed Energy would still need more subsidies

As long as SUBSIDIES remain alive, wind developers will never stop in spite of these truths.

The unpredictable output of Greed Energy requires keeping excessive conventional power generation sources online to ensure a consistent output of power.  And that is the Green Economy!


Weak and Unreliable

Or, more technically, Dilute and Intermittent.  Solar and Wind power, that is.

Unreliable Renewables [also blogged by Quixotes Can we rely on solar and wind, a rhetorical question if there ever was one.  Also, rhetorical, the Term, Renewables, to refer to alternate energy sources.  They aren’t renewable because it takes a lot of money, material and fossil fuel to get them up and running.  And when they are running, they can’t be relied on and need fossil fuels to supply the deficients in energy.  (Germany is the best example, it uses coal to backup its many turbines because they are so unreliable’ WORSE, the power bills are HUGE, to the point of inducing the phenomenon of ENERGY POVERTY among its citizens).

The exorbitant costs related to solar and wind have to do with making the panels and turbines, their erection and their start-up. Compared to  other sources of energy, hydro – nuclear- coal, these two are VERY expensive, because THEY ARE NOT FREE.

Which means, Solar and Wind are not affordable energy.

Turbines are industrial sites, not idyllic farms for tourists

The title of this post is borrowed from a letter to the editor of the Sun Times (Bruce Peninsula) written in May 2012 by Lorrie Gillis, Grey Highlands.

IWT’s (aka Industrial Wynne Turbines) are industrial sites, and not “re-purposed” agricultural land. The Wynne government first tried to make this possible by amending legislation that protected (past tense) natural resources and endangered species by way of an Omnibus Bill in 2012. The public outcry and Opposition objections frightened MPP’s enough to have the amendments withdrawn. But, not to be deterred, the Wynne turbine government went around this roadblock by amending the Regulations to the legislation. Read about it here [re-blogged from WAIT]. in a letter to the Sarnia Observer:

Letters to the Editor, the Sarnia Observer, Feb 9, 2016
Perhaps you missed it over the holidays, a TV ad showing wild but photogenic animals clapping in appreciation for the “protection” received by the provincial government. But what exactly has the government done for Ontario’s threatened or endangered species?
The government attempted to include amendments to Ontario’s Endangered Species Act in the 2012 omnibus budget bill, Bill 55, which would have avoided the public comment and scrutiny otherwise required by Ontario’s Environmental Bill of Rights.
The 2012 budget passed, but due to public pressure and MPPs’ objections, the amendments were withdrawn. Yet the government subsequently made the changes through regulatory amendments. This did require a mandatory public comment period, and despite over 10,000 mostly negative comments posted on the Environmental Registry, the amendments were enacted.
They exempt almost all industrial projects from the core protections of the Endangered Species Act. None of Ontario’s more than 150 endangered or threatened species now have the full protection they originally had under the Act. Not one.
Once considered the benchmark for the protection it offered, the act has been eviscerated. An example can be seen in the saga of the Ostrander Point wind energy project in Prince Edward County.

The author of the letter, Santo Giorno, illustrates his point by quoting the offending party: “Gilead Power Corporation has applied for a permit under clause 17(2)(c) of the Endangered Species Act, 2007 (ESA) to kill, harm and harass Blanding’s Turtle and Whip-poor-will as well as damage and destroy the habitat of Whip-poor-will for the purpose of the development and operation of Ostrander Point Wind Energy Park in the Township of South Marysburgh.”

The issue has been through four judicial hearings, final arguments were heard in January, a decision will emerge sometime this February.

The Industrial Wynne Turbines deserve their name: the Wynne government has legalized the industrialization of protected lands to allow the slaughter of protected species , surely a Wynne-lose deal for all creatures great and small.

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Liberal Green We Don’t Need

Canada gets less than 11% of its electricity from coal and Ontario 0%.

The problem is the McGuinty and Wynne governments claimed they eliminated coal use by investing billions of public dollars in wind and solar power.

That claim is nonsense.

In 2003, coal provided 25% of Ontario’s electricity. Today, wind and solar power, mostly wind, provide 4% of Ontario’s electricity.

Obviously, it is mathematically impossible to replace 25% of electricity power generation with 4% of electricity power generationGoldstein Toronto Sun

The replaced coal power with nuclear and natural gas:
The lesson, simply put, is that there are smart ways to reduce greenhouse gases and stupid ways to do it.

The stupid way, of course, is to spend billions on Industrial Wind Turbines and solar panels, and then to export the output at less than the cost of production.

Power Costs go up as the Wind Blows

The wind blows at a loss!

“The price is increasing by approximately $4.42 per month on the ‘Electricity’ line, and about 3.4% on the total bill, for a household that consumes 800 kWh per month.” And Parker Gallant says the statement by the OEB is meaningless [WCO: Energy Board hides the real reason for increases].

If you look at the actual price rise from November 1, 2014 to November 1, 2015 the increase is considerably more than 3.4%. In fact the increase on the charge for the “Electricity” line is 12.8% excluding the HST applied on that increase. The charge for electricity for the “household that consumes 800 kWh per month” increased by a total of $130.31, not the $53.04 that the OEB infers. Even using the “average” RPP (regulated price plan) posted on their site and comparing November 1, 2014 to November 1, 2015, you get an increase of 12.5%!

How? The costs of renewable energy are 1/3 of the increase! That includes the losses for power exported at less than the cost of production.

You need only look back to October 13, 2015, a windy day when the industrial wind turbines were cranking out unneeded power. The reported 3,450 MW of wind capacity was spitting out an average of 2,200 MW per hour, at a cost for the whole day of $6.5 million. Ontario was busy exporting 2,228 MW every hour that day, being paid 1.8 cents a kWh and at the same time, paying wind developers an average of 12.3 cents per kWh—we lost more than $5.5 million. That’s just one day!

Tell your friends and neighbours, and your MPP.

Election Time: Let Them Know!

Make them pay for your vote!
MP, Tilson to Health Canada: Canadians at the Mercy of Big Wind.
The MP for Dufferin-Caledon, David Tilson, has written a letter to Health Canada expressing concern about the number of complaints about wind turbine noise.

Health Canada should be doing more, he said in the letter dated September 10, and should “be more forthcoming when it comes to ensuring the health and well-being of Canadians.”

“My constitutents, along with many other Canadians,” he wrote, “are at the mercy of big business in the wind industry, and their powerful lobby, the Canadian Wind Energy Association.”

MP Tilson’s letter may be viewed here:Tilson letter REDA 09-2015 Tilson.

[read the Comments, especially the weasel way elected reps slough off the problem, it’s not me, it’s the Province…]
re-blogged from WCO (Wind Concerns Ontario)

Wainfleet Trail

Niagara Pennisula Conservation Authority has performed it usual “sell-out” to Wind Developers: NPCA sells out, again, reported by Welland Tribune and blogged by OWR:
Despite concerns from Wainfleet leaders, Niagara Region Wind Corp. has been given the green light to use the Gord Harry Trail. The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority board approved an agreement with the company Wednesday night, that will allow 635 metres of the 13-kilometre trail to be used to bury wind turbine conduits.

The bribe paid for the use of the Trail is $100,000, plus a @200,000 payment for 20 years.

Given the NPCA’s conservation mandate, Wainfleet Mayor April Jeffs said she feels the decision is steeped in hypocrisy.

“People look at us to be stewards of land in general, especially our own land,” said Jeffs, who represents the township on the conservation authority’s board.

“We tell people they can’t do things on their property, but then with ours say, ‘Sure, come on in — and bring your trucks.’ ”

The board argued, she said, that the trail is a recreation area, not a conservation area. “But perception is reality.”

Read the article by Maryanne Firth, here, where she reports, A proposed alternative would have seen the conduits buried in a farmfield parallel to the trail. The  NPCA’s rationalization is revolting.

NPCA-Logo (image purloined from Ontario Wind Resistance)

Are the Wynne-lose Liberals Destroying Evidence…

Globe and Mail, Richard Blackwell
An offshore wind farm developer that is in the midst of a lawsuit against the province of Ontario is now accusing the Liberal government of destroying documents related to its case.

Trillium spent years and millions of dollars developing plans for an offshore wind farm in Lake Ontario near Kingston, but it had the rug pulled out from under it in February, 2011, when the province said it would not consider any offshore development until more scientific studies were done. The decision came the same day Trillium was to sign a large financing deal.

However, in 2013 the Ontario Court of Appeal said the company could go ahead with one specific allegation, that the government’s decision amounted to “malfeasance in public office.”

Among Trillium’s evidence for the destruction of documents, its court filing says, is that some of the communications the company had with the government are “nowhere to be found in the [government’s] documentary productions.”

DOES ANY OF THIS really surprise you?  You can win and lose with the Ontario government in the Green Energy scam.

Important BLOG

From Scotland, Wind Farm Action, a site where the posts are informative and eye-opening. Worth your visit.

Quote of the Decade
“The trouble with wind farms is that they have a very large spatial footprint for a piddling little bit of electricity. You would need 800 turbines to produce the output of a coal-fired power station.”
Sir Martin Holgate, Chief Scientist at the Department of the Environment of the British Government – October 2004

Einstein on Consensus in Science
As Einstein once said,”It does not take a hundred scientists to prove me right (a consensus?). It only takes one to prove me wrong”