Flogging a Dead Government

Lorrie Goldstein, in Twenty Lies (OWR) the Liberals told you (London Free Press) enumerates 20 of the many lies and prevarications spewed by the McGuinty-Wynne government of Ontario. Ten would have been enough, but 20 or more are needed to keep flogging an almost-dead government. Politics, at the best of times, is a tricky business, but in Ontario it’s disgusting and dirty.

Here are the most egregious of the lies from our perspective (apart from the fact that the term, “Green Energy” itself is a huge whopper):
13. “We will shut down Ontario’s coal-burning plants by 2007”: The Liberals still haven’t closed them, now promising to do so in 2014.

14. “We will bring clean, renewable energy to Ontario”: Under the Liberals, wind and solar power are producing minuscule amounts of unneeded, unreliable, inefficient and expensive electricity, which has to be backed up by fossil fuels. This will, according to the Auditor General, cost Ontarians billions of dollars extra on their hydro bills, for decades to come.

15. “We will bring stability to Ontario’s electricity market”: See above.

16. “We will respect the views of rural constituents by giving their MPPs free votes”: If that was true, Liberal MPPs wouldn’t be responding to furious complaints from their constituents about having industrial wind turbines rammed down their throats with form letters.

17. “We will ensure that all developers play by the rules”: Unless they’re wind developers, where the Liberals took away the rights of local citizens to oppose wind projects.

Number 17, in particular, rankles…


West Lincoln Waffles…

After a very long and animated Council meeting, the Planning Committee of West Lincoln Town Council, passed the buck on the issue of a 2km setback for the IWT development proposed for the Township.

The meeting was reported by the St. Catharines Standard newspaper: Dan Dakin.

The Report misstates an opinion as a fact where it says, “municipalities don’t have the jurisdiction to change the existing 550 metres setback rules under the Green Energy Act“. This is the opinion of the wind Developer who repeats on every public occasion to mislead others into thinking it is a matter of fact settled by law. The matter has NOT been settled by law and is currently being adjudicated in the lawsuit contesting Wainfleet’s setback by-law.

Furthermore, the 550 metre setback is NOT part of the Green Energy Act but resides in s.54 of Reg.359/09 to the Environmental Protection Act, which states the setback shall be “at least 550 metres”. And the section does not say or specify that it shall be no more than 550 metres.

The waffle? As reported by Dakin:
Instead of recommending the two kilometre setback, Micallef’s motion was for staff to investigate how other municipalities have dealt with the setback rules and for the township to send a letter to the next premier of Ontario demanding the Green Energy Act be overhauled.

Bite the bullet, guys; force the Developer to argue its case in front of a Court of competent jurisdiction instead of in the court of public opinion where it can misrepresent facts and opinions.

Submit Protest MOE Deadline

Submit your protest:
Vineland Power and Wainfleet Energy Inc.: their REA (Request for Environmental Assessment) applications have been deemed, complete, as of Dec.13/12.
The public (any member of the public regardless of township of residence) has 45 days from that date to submit their comments, criticisms, complaints, etc. on these 2 projects. The Links below will take you to the MOE site announcing each project.
Vineland Power West Lincoln project, located at, 9556 Sixteen Road Lot 20, Concession 6, TOWNSHIP OF WEST LINCOLN.
Wainfleet Energy Inc. 22211 Abby Road, Lot 22, Concession 2, Part 22, TOWNSHIP OF WAINFLEET.
The Ministry site says:
“This proposal has been posted for a 45 day public review and comment period starting December 13, 2012. If you have any questions, or would like to submit your comments, please do so by January 27, 2013 to the individual listed under “Contact”. Additionally, you may submit your comments on-line.
All comments received prior to January 27, 2013 will be considered as part of the decision-making process by the Ministry of the Environment if they are submitted in writing or electronically using the form provided in this notice and reference EBR Registry number 011-7796.
Please Note: All comments and submissions received will become part of the public record. You will not receive a formal response to your comment, however, relevant comments received as part of the public participation process for this proposal will be considered by the decision maker for this proposal.” 

FOLLOW the online instructions for making a submission. You can mail it in by letter or email it (there is a, Submit Comment, button). Maybe doing it both ways could be helpful.
Concerns/objections you can raise: Setback distance, Noise, Vibration, Adverse Health Effects, Moratorium, Studies on Health Effects, Birds, Bats, Wildlife, Property Values, Industrial Use of Agricultural Lands, Public Health and Safety, Shadow Flicker, Low Frequency Noise, Dirty(stray) Hydro, and the list goes on:
For Wainfleet, please mention that the proposal does not meet the ENVIRONMENTAL and Public SAFETY requirements of Township By-law 013-2012 which requires a 2km setback from a dwelling for Industrial Wind Turbines.
With a LARGE number of submissions, maybe the cruel Christmas present can be made less cruel.

WAINFLEET Calls for Summit of Municipalities

The Wainfleet Town Council has passed this Motion, November 13, 2012:
THAT the Clerk be directed to extend an expression of interest to those municipalities that supported and/or implemented a moratorium on any new industrial wind turbine agreement to attend a Wind Energy Opposition Summit hosted by the Township in order to gauge the level of interest and participation.” CARRIED.

The call for a Summit is intended to gather information and plan strategy on how to proceed in the fight to regain local democracy and control of Green Energy development. The call is based on the idea that a united front or effort by local governments will help greatly in making the Province listen to its citizens and local Councils that want to regulate implementation of the GEA through traditional democratic means (as opposed to political fiats by the central government of the Province.

PLEASE urge your local councils to reply positively to this call for a summit. Wainfleet Town Clerk can reached here:Town Clerk, Tanya Lamb, 905-899-3463, ext.226.

Wind Farms: Saving, or Killing Us?

Wind Farms and wind turbines, saving us or killing us?.

James Delingpole writes another article in the Daily Mail (UK) to nail the wind development industry with “a provocative investigation” that claims thousands being sickened by living close to IWT’s.

Below are quotes from his article:

“The sleepless nights caused by its humming were only the start of their problems. Far worse was the impact on their health.
Aileen, a diabetic since the age of 19, found her blood glucose levels rocketing – forcing her to take more insulin and causing her to develop a cataract, she says.”

“Here is what the official trade body RenewableUK has to say on its website: ‘In over 25 years and with more than 68,000 machines installed around the world, no member of the public has ever been harmed by the normal operation of wind farms.’
But in order to believe that, you would have to discount the testimony of the thousands of people just like Aileen around the world who claim their health has been damaged by wind farms.
You would have to ignore the reports of doctors such as Australia’s Sarah Laurie, Canada’s Nina Pierpont and Britain’s Amanda Harry who have collated hundreds of such cases of Wind Turbine Syndrome.”

“In December 2011, in a peer-reviewed report in the Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society, Dr Carl Phillips – one of the U.S.’s most distinguished epidemiologists – concluded that there is ‘overwhelming evidence that wind turbines cause serious health problems in nearby residents, usually stress-disorder type diseases, at a nontrivial rate’.
According to a study by U.S. noise control engineer Rick James, wind farms generate the same symptoms as Sick Building Syndrome – the condition that plagued office workers in the Eighties and Nineties as a result of what was eventually discovered to be the Low Frequency Noise (LFN), caused by misaligned air conditioning systems.

“But if the problem is really so widespread, why isn’t it better known?
The short answer is money: the wind industry is a hugely lucrative business with millions to spend on lobbying.
What’s more, until recently, it benefited from the general public mood that ‘something ought to be done about climate change’ and wind power – supposedly ‘free’, ‘renewable’ and ‘carbon-friendly’ – was the obvious solution.
‘For years among the metropolitan elite it has been considered heretical to criticise wind power,’ says Heaton-Harris.” 

Dalton and his gang have relied on the urban population of Ontario to ram through Green laws that are seriously harming health and destroying arable land in the province.  The article goes on to describe who makes money and how much on these projects designed to be “Green”, while backed up by non-green power, and the health issues.

“A 1997 report by the U.S. Air Force Institute For National Security Studies notes: ‘Acoustic infrasound: very low frequency sound which can travel long distances and easily penetrate most buildings and vehicles.
‘Transmission of long wavelength sound creates biophysical effects, nausea, loss of bowels, disorientation, vomiting, potential organ damage or death may occur.’
Yet as Dr Phillips notes, instead of protecting the public, governments are actually complicit by encouraging wind farm development via generous subsidies.
‘It’s ridiculous. Here is an industry which is putting the health of tens of thousands of people at risk. If this were a pharmaceutical company sales would have been suspended by now. ’
His views are shared by orthopaedic surgeon Dr Robert McMurtry, once Canada’s most senior public health official: ‘Whatever you think about climate change, you can be sure that wind energy is not the solution.
‘There is an abundance of evidence to the show that infrasound from wind farms represents a serious public health hazard. Until further research is done, there should be an immediate moratorium on building any more of them.’”

Especially compelling is Delingpole’s description of a ghost town in Australia created wholly by the presence of a wind farm.

“‘Wind farms are destroying people’s lives, destroying the environment, destroying the economy – but instead of opposing it, all three main political parties are committed to building more of them.
‘And it’s not accidental. This is a stitch-up between the wind lobby and its friends in Parliament and it’s an outrage.
‘It’s the biggest health scandal of our age and the metropolitan elite just don’t care.’”

While it is a truism to say that politics is artful hypocrisy, it is more true to say there is good hypocrisy and bad hypocrisy.  Green Energy, along with global warming, is the worst of the bad.  Harmful, hurtful, anti-democratic and based entirely on a connection between public subsidy and private development, it is greed that OVERFLOWS itself.

“Newspaper columnist Christopher Booker called wind farms ‘the greatest political blunder of our time’ and ‘a monument to an age when our leaders collectively went off their heads’.”

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/moslive/article-2199284/Wind-farms-Are-wind-farms-saving-killing-A-provocative-investigation-claims-thousands-people-falling-sick-live-near-them.html#ixzz2DczxY3e6
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NDP Also Responsible for the GEAct!

Word for word from,The Big Green Lie:

NDP’s MPP’s as guilty as McGuinty’s Liberals for Ontario’s Energy woes!!!!!

Now that McGuinty has “slinked off” into the “sunset” or darkness, whichever way you look at it, don’t go getting all soft and weepy over Andrea Horwath and her public outrage at how bad the Liberals have treated Ontario!!!!

One of the worst acts that took place in the last three years by this disgraced Government was the signing into law of the Green Energy Act, Bill 150 in May of 2009!

It’s effects will linger for many decades and will basically bankrupt every household that exists within a limited middle class income!

The Green Energy Act is Dictatorial, Environmentally destructive, health damaging and worst of all has brought Ontario to it’s knees in it’s Industrial viability and has caused billions of $$$ of lost incomes and jobs across this once fair Province.

Now that McGuinty has shut down debate over his part in this massive degradation of our quality of life, let’s turn our attention to another Leader who was as much a part of this destruction as McGuinty!


MPP Andrea Horwath, MPP (Hamilton Centre)

Andrea Horwath NDP  Leader MPP

This MPP was part of the 59 MPP’s who voted in favour of Bill 150, the Green Energy Act on May 14th/2009.

Along with Ms. Horwath there was another 4 NDP MPP’s who voted in favour of this destructive Act.

France Gelinas, Paul Miller, Peter Tabuns, Rosario Marchese

Hold these NDP MPP’s as responsible for Ontario’s demise as the now defunct Liberals, who have scurried from the halls of Queen’s Park to avoid prosecution for their scandalous deeds to YOUR children’s and grandchildren’s futures!!!!

Oh, and worth mentioning here is the fact that NOT ONE single PC MPP voted in favour of Bill 150!

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Ding, Dong, It’s Full Steam Ahead…

Dalton has abandoned the Dolt Gang; he had no choice.  When you’re in a really big fix, the only way out is, RESIGN; but let’s not get ahead of ourselves with Hosannas and ejaculations of joy.   The Witch may be dead but not yet the witch’s brew.

Let’s see what the Opposition does.

Into the Valley of Green Debt…

… rode the Dalton Gang and its subsidized corporate confederates: the Financial Post reports on the cost of FIT (the Valley). Happy FIT Day. This month marks the 3rd Anniversary “of one of the most expensive and least useful experiments in top-down central planning in the province’s history”. Bill 150 created the Green Energy and Economy Act 3 years ago, and the FIT shit was introduced.  Hydro One had and has to implement this “Economy” at great cost to us and at a loss of revenues to itself.

“[T]he Global Adjustment — the pot where subsidies for wind and solar are temporarily placed before billing ratepayers — for the 12 months ended Aug. 31, 2009, totalled $2.98-billion. For the 12 months ended August 31 this year, the Global Adjustment had grown to $6.2-billion, a jump of over $3.2-billion or 107% in three years”. !!!

Hydro One wastes money hooking up this bogus source of alternate energy, while the taxpayer gets hosed providing that money and paying MORE for the use of power per kWh.  Here it is in a nutshell:

“If one couples that with the drop in revenue for OPG of $554-million in the six months ended June 30, 2012 (clean hydro has been displaced by wind and solar) compared to June 30, 2009, the raw costs in dollars required to support FIT and MicroFIT programs are in excess of $4-billion annually, with only 2,000 MW of wind and 400 MW of solar up and running. The more wind and solar Ontario gets under the FIT program, the bigger the costs become.”

The lie in all of this comes down to this: “No evidence exists that any carbon emissions have been reduced as a result of the FIT program, despite the City of Toronto’s claims to be cutting carbon emissions at the absurd cost of $2,600 per tonne.” (the City is going to install solar panels on the rooves of its building, using taxpayer subsidies – that will also reduce its deficit by stealing from all Ontario taxpayers – to reduce carbon emissions, an unprovable claim!)

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