She Wynnes, You Lose

Unplug Wynne has posted this video to explain how you lose:

Kathleen Wynne is trying to trick us again. Down in the polls, she’s playing a shell game, trying to take us for fools. The Wynne government is now claiming they’re cutting our hydro bills, but won’t they won’t say is that we’ll be paying for it with higher tax bills.
It’s a total scam. After raising our hydro bills by over 100 percent over the last few years, she’s giving us a quarter back by taking it from our own pocket.

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Energy Poverty Means Pre-paying

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Cheryl Gallant, MP on October 14, 2016 at 9:50 am
By Cheryl Gallant, Member of Parliament for Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke October 2016

This should be no surprise to who are familiar with the close political party relationship between Ottawa and Toronto.

Federal Agency Measurement Canada is preparing to finalize approval for “pre-pay” hydro meters. This was only a matter of time since the province installed so-called “smart meters” in people’s homes.

The announcement by the Federal Government that the designation of “provisional” specification to a “full” specification follows a public mandate letter recently sent by the Toronto Liberal leader to her Minister of Finance bragging about the Ontario Electricity Support Program (OESP) being part of the federal budget.

What I predicted before the last election is now happening. I predicted that all Canadian taxpayers would end up with part of the bill for Ontario Liberals’ policy disasters. It was predictable because the same policy advisers in Queen’s Park, who wrote the “Greed” Energy Act and fled Toronto, are now hiding in Ottawa as the most senior advisers of the federal Liberal Party. The cozy relationship between the Prime Minister and the Ontario premier is bad for all taxpayers, just as I warned Canadians before the last election.

Implied Consent

Pre-payment meters were given provisional approval before the liberal “Greed” Energy and Employment Act had raised electricity prices. Hydro One had not been sold, nor had the “smart meter” electricity scandal cost electricity consumers over a billion dollars. On the basis of no comments or requests from the public or industry back then, the federal government has assumed “implied consent,” which in their way of thinking gives approval to move full speed ahead.

To picture a pre-payment electricity meter, just think of a parking meter that you load with money in order to park a vehicle. These are popular in third-world countries, particularly where poor people have no access to credit. They enable the power utilities to deny access to a basic necessity without actually having to pull the plug if customers have trouble with bills. It forces the poor household to self-disconnect.

Energy poverty, defined as households that spend more than 10 percent of their income on home energy, affects about one million households in Canada. In Ontario, the lowest income group spends on average 12 or more percent of their income on utilities, while the average Ontarian spends only 4 per cent.

Energy poverty is prevalent among certain types of households, including those with single residents, seniors, children or young adults, renters, and those with a female primary bill-payer. Low-income families and individuals are being forced to choose between heating their homes, buying groceries or paying the rent as the result of increasing utility prices. For many, it is literally a choice between eating and heating.

The vast majority of Canada’s seniors (as well as low-income families) live in older houses, with inadequate insulation in attics, walls and basements. For young families just starting out, while these houses may offer cheaper than-average rent or require lower down payments than more efficient homes, their upkeep is costlier, particularly when forced to use electric heat in Ontario.

Climate change policies raise energy costs. As a rule of thumb, the more the increase in fuel poverty, the greater the rhetoric about “climate change”. Canada had been following a smart policy to lower emissions. With the change in Ottawa and no one to moderate the extremists in Toronto, energy poverty is the new norm.

Canadians still have an opportunity to withhold their “implied consent” to poverty meters. While the federal government has set a January 1st 2017 implementation date for its new policy, you are invited to provide me your thoughts on pre-payment electricity meters. Remember, ‘no comment’ is considered by this government to be a “yes.” The federal government deadline for submissions is October 30, 2016.

[Editor: Pease send the Cheryl Gallant your opinions.]

Epilogue to 2019

As the PM and Premier of Ontario agitate for a Carbon TAX, guess which country doesn’t have one? Hint, [Wente, Globe&Mail] USA.

Guess which one will probably not have such a tax for a very long time if ever? Hint: see above.

“The energetic idealists who are eager to turn Canada into the most climate-friendly, inclusive, feminist, diversity-positive country on the planet need to keep in mind that most Canadians don’t care much about any of these things.” Hint: JT a man without a ParadeNot to mention, Canada is already virtually carbon neutral given its land mass, its lakes and rivers… and did I mention, Forests?

There’s an old saying in southern Italy: who lies down with babies, gets up covered in S?!@*…  The babies are in charge in Canada and Ontario.

Aliens Made Me Do It

Three brilliant essays by Michael Crichton: Aliens cause Global Warming, Environmentalism as Religion, The Case for Skepticism on Global Warming [re-blogged from Quixotes Last Stand].

[quote] Cast your minds back to 1960. …And in Green Bank, West Virginia at the new National Radio Astronomy Observatory, a young astrophysicist named Frank Drake runs a two week project called Ozma, to search for extraterrestrial signals. A signal is received, to great excitement. It turns out to be false, but the excitement remains. In 1960, Drake organizes the first SETI conference, and came up with the now-famous Drake equation:

None of the variables in the equation was known, knowable or testable: they were guesses, and it took faith to believe in SETI (belief in something for which there is no proof). Then in the 1970’s came the Carl Sagan fiction about Nuclear Winter. an untestable and unprovable theory from which issued another equation with unknown, unknowable and untestable variables:
[quote] Sagan appeared on the Johnny Carson show 40 times. … Following the conference [on consequences of the Winter], there were press conferences, meetings with congressmen, and so on. The formal papers in Science came months later.

He and his followers were selling a product; they were not doing science: What we are doing here, however, is presenting a consensus of a very large group of scientists…” And consensus is the business of politics:
[quote] Finally, I would remind you to notice where the claim of consensus is invoked. Consensus is invoked only in situations where the science is not solid enough. Nobody says the consensus of scientists agrees that E=mc2. Nobody says the consensus is that the sun is 93 million miles away. It would never occur to anyone to speak that way.

[quote] What, then, can we say were the lessons of Nuclear Winter? I believe the lesson was that with a catchy name, a strong policy position and an aggressive media campaign, nobody will dare to criticize the science, and in short order, a terminally weak thesis will be established as fact. After that, any criticism becomes beside the point. The war is already over without a shot being fired. That was the lesson, and we had a textbook application soon afterward, with second hand smoke.

And now, Global Warming:
[quote] Nobody believes a weather prediction twelve hours ahead. Now we’re asked to believe a prediction that goes out 100 years into the future? And make financial investments based on that prediction? Has everybody lost their minds?
Well, the UN IPCC thinks so after there facts were changed:
[quote] The 1995 IPCC draft report said, “Any claims of positive detection of significant climate change are likely to remain controversial until uncertainties in the total natural variability of the climate system are reduced.” It also said, “No study to date has positively attributed all or part of observed climate changes to anthropogenic causes.” Those statements were removed, and in their place appeared: “The balance of evidence suggests a discernable human influence on climate.”

Ipso facto, Aliens cause Global Warming!
And Green Energy is “consensus science”, which is to say politics wrapped in the religion of Green, an Ontario speciality.
Read the other two essays, you’ll be edified.

Airports Airstrips & Turbines


Trevor Thompson  (click to read)Blackburn News
Despite months of inaction regarding eight turbines near the Chatham-Kent Municipal Airport, Chatham-Kent-Essex M-P-P Rick Nicholls says he’s confident a resolution is coming.

Nicholls admits there’s one scenario he’s worried about. “What I do not want to see is the municipal government say ‘well we have a certified airport, we’ll just decertify it, and therefore airport zoning regulations are no longer in effect,’” says Nicholls. “That’s like saying today I rob a bank and that’s against the law so I get thrown in jail. Next week the laws change and it’s okay so I guess I’m free now.”

What are the implications for other airport/airstrips currently battling Turbines?

Turbine Facts

Wind is Waning… “Clean Green” or expensive Con game paid for by, U?

Central Huron Points to a Path

… a path around the limits of the Green Energy Act that might restore democracy to local governments.  Re-blogged from OWR, as reported in Huron News.

Central Huron is appealing at the OMB (Ontario Municipal Board) a decision against clauses of its Planning Act dealing with alternate energy (and commercial water taking). The appeal will rephrase those sections with the intention of getting increased control over planning issues relating to alternate energy, control that was taken away by anti-democratic sections of the Green Energy Act:

Options on how Huron County’s land use planning document can be changed to give the Municipality of Central Huron greater control on renewable energy development on its agricultural land are being drafted for presentation to council next week.

Once council settles on an option, its lawyer, Valerie M’Garry, a private practice lawyer from Delaware, Ont., will prepare a list of issues that will be dealt with in the legal appeal of Huron County’s land use planning document.

Planner Allan Ramsey, of Allan Ramsey Planning Associates, told Central Huron’s committee of the whole this week that options include: prescriptive wording in the county’s official plan related to the development of renewable energy facilities, or extracting policies on renewable energy from the county’s official plan and inserting them into the local official plans of the nine lower-tier municipalities, which would be able to develop their own wording to suit local needs.

Ramsey said the host municipality can still make its expectations known to potential renewable energy developers in the official plan. For example, he said that while the minimum setback for wind turbines is 550 metres, the official plan could provide for a greater setback.

Central Huron has until Sept. 27 to submit its “issues list” and lawyers will file their witness statements by Oct.31 with relies by Nov.29.  A hearing could be scheduled after that date if the parties have not reached an agreement.

Scenic Route

Take a drive in southwestern Ontario along the 401 towards Windsor.  As you approach Chatham-Kent you will be struck by the new techno-beauty of the burgeoning Ontario-government-made landscape: the Scenic Route to end all scenic routes, look at the lovely water and the majestic monsters in the distance:chatham-kent-ontario-kruger-energy-port-alma-wind-from-village-of-erieau(OWR)

The Scenic Route is about to be “beautified” because Industrial giant, Siemens, is going to provide more “flowers” and “trees” (albeit made of metal, mostly):
The job boost promised for Southwestern Ontario by the wind energy industry moved closer to reality Monday with Siemens announcing it has been awarded its largest Canadian order ever for 124 massive turbines.(John Miner, London Free Press).

The good news almost coincides with the announcement by a crew of “Nimby’s” (as McGuinty liked to call them) that they are suing in the amount of 9 million dollars for loss of property values, inter alia, because of the impending “installation of 55 industrial wind turbines.”(Windsor Star Report).

A wise and benevolent Ontario Government has created laws and policies to enhance the Ontario landscape by adding more beauty to it, as well as stimulating economic development (only in the short term, alas). Is there any other place on earth you’d rather be, other than Wynne-lose Ontario?  Take a look:

Symposium Rally

The Symposium in Wainfleet, Feb.22/13, was very well attended by elected delegates from a wide area of the province. A large crowd turned out for the solidarity Rally outside the meeting venue. The crowd was made up of supporters bussed in from Plympton-Wyoming, Bluewater (Huron Central), London, and locally by groups from Haldimand County, Dunnville, Wainfleet, West Lincoln (if I left anyone out, please contact me, I’ll add you to the list).

Niagara Regional Councillor, Andrew Petrowski, was also there to show his support and encourage supporters to keep up the fight.  There’s a rumour that a third Town Council is being sued for their attempts to regulate the ill wind of Turbines.  Premier Wynne-lose, however, did not attend.

Some great pics of the Rally Here at OntWindResistance (Wind Concerns Ontario was there, too).

To which I add my own:
rally01Ald. Betty Koncrally02Mayor April Jeffsrally03WRA Pres. Terry Maxner

They came by bus from far and wide:
The made their feelings clear, courtesy of Plympton-Wyoming:
and clearer:
and VERY clear: