Walmart & Your Electricity Bill in Ontario

©Parker Gallant: Minister Bob Chiarelli maintains,
Walmart. Ontario’s electricity system is “exactly the same” as Walmart.
Ontario’s ratepayers might be much better off if Walmart really was running the electricity system in Ontario. At least Walmart isn’t continually running at a loss.


Close to Home

West Lincoln township officials have come up with a way to protect residents from IWT noise by reviewing local by-laws and those in other municipalities.

Plympton-Wyoming may have hit on a way of doing this:
“The Municipality of Plympton-Wyoming, near Sarnia, Ont., has passed a bylaw that requires an expert in decibel reading to deal with noise complaints. Should a noise exceed the allowable limits of the municipality’s noise bylaw, a fine can be applied. The municipality’s CAO confirmed to township staff they have a sound engineer on retainer to address complaints under the bylaw, should any occur.” [Grimsby Lincoln news] [OWR].

The Ontario Green Energy Act states that noise levels from Turbines cannot exceed 40dB. After reviewing the cost of noise inspections, West Lincoln Township is considering a by-law modelled on the one in Plympton-Wyoming which includes measurement of low frequency sound (infra-sound). A report back to Council on the matter should be forthcoming in the near future.

Wainfleet, next door to West Lincoln, presumably is listening, waiting and wanting the same thing.

Ontario Green Energy

…policy and law are the child of a failed and false myth called, Global Warming.  An Ontario premier and an Ontario Cabinet minister decided they wanted to leave a legacy, the one for posterity, the other for political advancement.  Both are gone, but what they have wrought is still here, still wasting hundreds of millions of dollars and costing people their health, their wealth and their wellbeing.

Lawrence Solomon writing in the Financial Post (Jan.09/15) makes his predictions for 2015: “The global warming enterprise provides one example. Since 2008, I have been predicting that the warmists, whose cause at root is based on faith and sustained by deceit, will fail to make the case that carbon represents a danger to the planet. Although the elites have mostly bought the deceits — all ultimately resting on jigged computer models — the masses mostly have not, as seen in public opinion polls throughout the world. The public’s rejection of the global warming orthodoxy then led politicians to slash subsidies to renewables and to scrap plans for carbon taxes. Political parties that high-handedly ignored the public by pushing global warming measures, such as Canada’s Liberal Party in 2008 and Australia’s Labour government in 2013, went down to crushing defeats.”
“As renewables lose momentum in 2015, fossil fuels will gain it. It can’t really be otherwise. If the glut we now see in oil and gas continues, the low prices that result will spur consumption. A rise in prices, on the other hand, would only further spur shale gas and oil development. Up or down, I predict, the environmental lobby loses the energy war, even if — should President Obama veto the Keystone XL Pipeline — it wins some battles.”

[also blogged by MAWT]

Thanks to this politically correct fiction of Global Warming, Ontario and its citizens continue to pay for the vanity of the original formulators of the province’s Green Energy illusions.


Ontario Rings in the New Year with a 12 million dollar hangover [WindConcernsOntario]:
Once again Ontario’s oh so generous ratepayers, ushered in the New Year by treating our neighbours to some very cheap electricity. We were much nicer this January 1st than last year, as we exported a record 87,000 megawatt hours (MWh) at a bargain price. That sale generated revenue of about $275,000 to offset a small part of the costs to Ontario’s ratepayers. We exported 38,000 MWh more (+ 78%) than on January 1, 2014, and a year ago we generated $1,450,000 for the smaller number of MWh sold. Parker Gallant.
Happy New Year New York and Michigan:
In total, January 1, 2015′s generation cost Ontario’s ratepayers $7 million (net) for wind, another $400,000 for curtailed wind, about $1.2 million for steamed off nuclear, almost $1 million for “embedded” wind and solar and about $3 million for the Net Revenue Requirement for those idling gas plants.
©Parker Gallant,
January 2, 2015

Total cost to Ontario Taxpayers: $12.6 million

Turbine Hearing begins Friday

InPort News report by Allan Brenner

Parents and grandparents concerned about the potential impact large industrial wind turbines could have on children will have an opportunity to discuss those concerns during an Environmental Review Tribunal, starting Friday.

A preliminary hearing looking into plans of Niagara Region Wind Corp to build wind turbines in west Niagara communities begins at 10 a.m. at the Wellandport Community Centre.

Ontario’s Environmental Commissioner launched the tribunal in response to an appeal by Mothers Against Wind Turbines Inc. filed Nov. 26, two weeks after the Ministry of the Environment granted renewable energy approval for the project.

The hearing will focus on community concerns about the project to build 77 wind turbines in the communities of West Lincoln, Lincoln, Wainfleet, Haldimand and on Region of Niagara property, with a total capacity of generating 230 megawatts of electricity.

Wainfleet Mayor April Jeffs said she may stop in during the hearing depending on her schedule, since six of the wind turbines being proposed are planned for her community.

“Three (turbines) are going in the Wellandport area in the northwest, and another two or three will be down here along the lake on the Haldimand border.

“I’m sure there will be residents of Wainfleet attending,” Jeffs said, adding several members of Mothers Against Wind Turbines live in Wainfleet.

The organization says the turbines will be up to 135 metres tall, and the blades of which will have a diameter of 101 meters.

“These will be some of the largest turbines to ever be introduced so closely to people and their homes in North America,” the organization said in a media release.

The full hearing is scheduled to start Jan. 19.

Calls and e-mails to Mothers Against Wind Turbines Inc., as well as Niagara Region Wind Corp. to discuss the hearing were not returned, Thursday.


Google engineers have concluded renewable energy production like wind and solar are a waste of time and resources [Quixote’s] as reported by Margaret Wente in the G&M:
But the fundamental problem with Big Wind is much bigger than its cost and unreliability. The problem is that today’s renewable energy technologies won’t save us from the effects of climate change – and we’re wasting our time by trying.

If Google says so, it must be right (smile), but the MacWynne gov’t will keep on with this massive tax scam

[you may need a subscription to continue to the G&M article]

TV Turbine Report in Niagara Region

The Ongoing Controversy over Turbines continues, is the gist of this CHCH TV report [also blogged on OntWindResistance]. TV reporter, Lisa Hepfner tries to examine both sides of the issue in West Lincoln (which will soon be metal porcupine country with a total of 77 IWT’s). The IWT’s will stretch from West Lincoln to Wainfleet.
The reporter quotes residents who are being bombarded with noise & health issues. She also quotes OPA on the issue, whose spokesman tells what amounts to a duplicitous lie: Shawn Cronkwright, Ontario Power Authority: “With wind turbines, you have to pay to install the equipment, but after the equipment is installed the cost of the fuel is zero. Wind actually is a key piece of keeping prices lower in the entire portfolio.”
The zero cost of “fuel” is disingenuous, to say the least. There’s the huge cost of accessing that “fuel” paid for with tax dollars in the billions; there’s the huge cost of paying for the consumption of that “fuel”, and the huge cost of re-selling that excess “fuel” to other jurisdictions at a less than the cost of production. Then there are the hidden healthcare costs caused by the effects of that “fuel”, the transmission costs (hydro has to shut down to allow wind energy onto the Grid); the air pollution costs caused by the diesel engines needed to operate the turbines; and the costs of lost agricultural production from the industrialized land needed to erect these 60 story towers.
And let’s not even mention the slaughter of millions of flying creatures the earth needs to keep its balance.
Or the Charter Rights being breached by forced acceptance of turbine development. Or the loss of land value. Or increased carbon emissions.
Wind energy is not “free” or “clean” or “green”; these words are government and industry mantras aimed at deluding the public into thinking that the outmoded technology of wind is cutting edge. The edge has been dulled in Europe and the many countries that are abandoning it. Landowners who give their land over to the production of wind instead of crops will be disappointed when their “windfall” lasts much less than 20 years, when the landscape will be dotted with stopped and rusting turbines. But the thieves who run this scheme will have had their money and others will have left office.

Ontario Budget redux and Hydro Rates

What the Ontario Budget means for electricity ratepayers: Parker Gallant

posted by Wind Concerns Ontario.

Expecting a break? No way!!! “Gross savings to ratepayers from the DRC is about $315 million (4.5 million ratepayers X $70) and the loss to ratepayers of the OCEB will cost $720 million (4.5 million ratepayers X $160).”

“Now the bad news: the additional $100 in annual costs will be augmented by the following budget items. And that doesn’t include the additional cost of solar, wind and biomass that will come on stream.

Read the full comment from Parker Gallant here: Ontario2014Budget”.

Hydro Bills Up For Election

Believe it or not, your Hydro Bill is up for election June 12.

The Party of the Government is offering an end to the Debt Retirement Charge in 2016 (a savings but not a significant one), but it will also end the Clean Energy Benefit, the 10% discount you currently get on your bill.  Then, it will add 90 cents to your monthly charge to subsidize low income consumers (the current government loves subsidies!). So, add the 10% you will be paying plus the 90 cents, and you will be paying more for power BEFORE the price goes up again (OWR) (story from Luisa D’Amato:To understand the election, look at your hydro bill).

The PC Opposition will eliminate wind and solar energy development that is today overloading the power grid and the massive tax subsidies that go with it: OWR Killing Green Energy. For those of your who want to cry Green tears, recall that the laws of physics dictate that it takes power to make power; ergo no green and no clean. And certainly not, FREE.  I could start a long essay on the power used to manufacture turbines and solar panels, the non-recyclable, toxic and non-green components that go into the making of these, but you can find this info online, if you want it.


Andrea NDPee $100 to Buy Your Vote

Did you get one of these, with a promise of a $100 hydro rebate?  From Andrea and the NDPee hypocrites?  They are going to clean up Hydro, reduce costs and eliminate debt (and still keep the Greed Energy programme).  She is going to cap executive pay (at its current inflated numbers, no doubt). And she will stop subsidizing hydro sales to other jurisdictions (but doesn’t say how she’s going to convince any buyers to pay the inflated costs of Greed-produced power).

She will stop “private power deals” (what are they?)  And of course she will solve the gas plant fiddle… but not clean up hydro’s bloated bureaucracies.  

The wrath of Horwath?  And the NDPee that never answers or acknowledges emails sent to them by constituents but is pleased to send out their crap.  Damn! there is no link or button to click where you can send her a rude reply… pity!


Thank you for adding your voice to the debate.

Today I announced our plan to cut hydro waste and pass the savings on to you with a $100 rebate.

I will:
Stop the $1 billion annual subsidy of electricity exports to jurisdictions like New York and Michigan by taking Ontario hydro sales out of the hands of speculative energy traders
Cap executive pay and cut down on waste and duplication by merging Ontario’s hydro agencies
Stop new private power deals and review of all current private power contracts in the wake of the $1-billion gas plant scandal

These are practical and achievable steps that cut the waste and put money back in your wallet.

Now we need your help to get Kathleen Wynne and Tim Hudak to listen.  Share. Tweet. Talk to your neighbours.  And encourage them to add their voice.


Andrea Horwath
Leader, Ontario NDP
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