They Stoop to Intimidate

Wind power developer uses threat to influence environmental agency Ottawa Wind Concerns

“Power developer announcement it is about to clear land which is habitat for an endangered species is an attempt to force the Environmental Review Tribunal to issue a decision on the Prince Edward County wind power project, and proposed “remedies” for species at risk”

“The Environmental Review Tribunal determined the Blandings Turtle was endangered by the wind farm; the company is proceeding with construction in the absence of a final decision.”


First Shame Award given to Wind Company for neglecting Water Resources in Ontario.
Well Water first,Wind, last.

Water Wells First announced the first recipient of their Trojan Horse Award. Boralex.

The Award is a Shame Award intended to draw attention to a company that says they are interested in protecting water but in fact the opposite is true. They do nothing to protect water and even cause Peak Water Crises for local populations where they operate.

Boralex operates the Marsh Line Windfarm in the former Township of Dover. The construction of the windfarm coincided with a number of water wells becoming turbid and now contain black particulates.

Boralex denies responsibility. Denies they understand the concerns of local families financially dependent on the underlying aquifer for their freshwater supply.

Is it safe to assume wind companies consider water to be an unclean resource (because it makes hydro power?).

We invite everyone in SW Ontario to join us at the Baldoon Golf Club on Monday Jan 30th at at 5-8PM, at 7018 Dufferin Rd Wallaceburg, ON to help us give this message to Boralex

Brought to you by, Industrial Wynne Turbines Inc. (already paving the way to the next election by blocking Toll Roads for the GTA).

Turbines are industrial sites, not idyllic farms for tourists

The title of this post is borrowed from a letter to the editor of the Sun Times (Bruce Peninsula) written in May 2012 by Lorrie Gillis, Grey Highlands.

IWT’s (aka Industrial Wynne Turbines) are industrial sites, and not “re-purposed” agricultural land. The Wynne government first tried to make this possible by amending legislation that protected (past tense) natural resources and endangered species by way of an Omnibus Bill in 2012. The public outcry and Opposition objections frightened MPP’s enough to have the amendments withdrawn. But, not to be deterred, the Wynne turbine government went around this roadblock by amending the Regulations to the legislation. Read about it here [re-blogged from WAIT]. in a letter to the Sarnia Observer:

Letters to the Editor, the Sarnia Observer, Feb 9, 2016
Perhaps you missed it over the holidays, a TV ad showing wild but photogenic animals clapping in appreciation for the “protection” received by the provincial government. But what exactly has the government done for Ontario’s threatened or endangered species?
The government attempted to include amendments to Ontario’s Endangered Species Act in the 2012 omnibus budget bill, Bill 55, which would have avoided the public comment and scrutiny otherwise required by Ontario’s Environmental Bill of Rights.
The 2012 budget passed, but due to public pressure and MPPs’ objections, the amendments were withdrawn. Yet the government subsequently made the changes through regulatory amendments. This did require a mandatory public comment period, and despite over 10,000 mostly negative comments posted on the Environmental Registry, the amendments were enacted.
They exempt almost all industrial projects from the core protections of the Endangered Species Act. None of Ontario’s more than 150 endangered or threatened species now have the full protection they originally had under the Act. Not one.
Once considered the benchmark for the protection it offered, the act has been eviscerated. An example can be seen in the saga of the Ostrander Point wind energy project in Prince Edward County.

The author of the letter, Santo Giorno, illustrates his point by quoting the offending party: “Gilead Power Corporation has applied for a permit under clause 17(2)(c) of the Endangered Species Act, 2007 (ESA) to kill, harm and harass Blanding’s Turtle and Whip-poor-will as well as damage and destroy the habitat of Whip-poor-will for the purpose of the development and operation of Ostrander Point Wind Energy Park in the Township of South Marysburgh.”

The issue has been through four judicial hearings, final arguments were heard in January, a decision will emerge sometime this February.

The Industrial Wynne Turbines deserve their name: the Wynne government has legalized the industrialization of protected lands to allow the slaughter of protected species , surely a Wynne-lose deal for all creatures great and small.

Court Will Hear Ostrander Point Appeal

Wind Farm Appeal (OWR)

by windaction

CBC Article  A group fighting a controversial wind farm development south of Picton, Ont., says its final appeal will be heard in December. The Prince Edward County Field Naturalists says it has been told that the Court of Appeal for Ontario will hear the case in Toronto on Dec. 8 and 9. The group will explain… [click links for full story]

More Protest Info

Feb. 24 Protest at QP: Transportation info GREY COUNTY (submitted by LPCGillis):

On FEB 24 will let ALL politicians at Queens Park know that WE ARE NOT GOING AWAY and that existing and proposed industrial wind turbines have to be dealt with and will AGAIN be a major election issue.

Mothers Against Turbines is putting the challenge out there to show MPPS and Toronto that the years of abuse of provincial power has to stop!

Let’s rise to the occasion and send a very clear message to MPPS that industrial wind turbines cannot continue to desecrate our health, homes and communities.

Bring your signs!  Bring your noisemakers!  Bring your megaphones!

Plans are for a few speakers and a march to the Royal York/Fairmount Hotel to OGRA – Ontario Good Roads Association, handing out information along our way.  March will be for 30 – 40 minutes in length. Municipal and provincial elected reps will be at OGRA to see that this issue is not going away simply because the current govt. chooses to ignore it!

For that day, I am arranging for a coach bus to leave Chatsworth at approx. 8:00am with stops in Markdale, Flesherton, Dundalk, Shelburne and Orangeville.  We will leave Toronto at 3:00pm. Cost of $35.00 per person covers bus and simple lunch, lunch to be supplied for the ride home.

Pick up:

Chatsworth Arena: 8:00

Markdale, across from Foodland: 8:25

Flesherton, across from Munshaw’s: 8:35

Dundalk, Esso Station: 8:50

Shelburne, No Frills Parking Lot: 9:10

Orangeville, in FRONT of Walmart: 9:40

Let’s fill this and any other bus anyone takes the care and time to arrange to help you get to this event!!

All actions count and the timing for this one will get a message to all running in the upcoming election. Let’s wake ’em up on Feb. 24th!

Tell Andrea Horwath Where to Get Off!

Here’s the chance to tell the NDP what you think of its job of keeping Wynne-lose in power!  With a straight face and a butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-her-mouth smile, Andrea Horwath is appealing to Ontarians to get angry about high Hydro rates, as if we haven’t been screaming about them for more than a year.

Quixote’s Last Stand says, Go ahead. Tell them what you think by providing a link to an NDPee petition page on the issue of Hydro Rates and power sell-offs. Don’t be fooled by the smiling face that says, “It’s because of people like you that we are making a difference in Ontario.” Oh, really? Hadn’t noticed anything except your continuing support for the perpetrating Government!

Here’s the link: Save On Hydro. Yes, that’s the title, and here’s the sub-title:
Say yes to making electricity more affordable for families and businesses. Tell Andrea Horwath what you really think!  Go ahead, make her day.

Wainfleet By-law Side-effects

Both sides are seeing hopeful signs in an April Ontario Superior Court ruling that considered the validity of a municipal bylaw that enacted greater restrictions on wind turbines than those outlined in the provincial Green Energy and Green Economy Act. [Ontario Wind Resistance].

For a report on the Court’s Decision, go to Law Times:

For De Vellis [developer’s lawyer], the changes are generally positive. “You really do need local buy-in to make green energy successful,” he says, adding he’s not in favour of a municipal veto over wind turbines.

DeLorenzo [Township’s lawyer] also sees hope in the province’s moves. “It’s clear to me that the province is now aware of the fact that municipalities are being trodden upon by these regulations,” he says. [they are both referring to changes in Fitt legislation].

[Justice] Reid later added: “The enactment of the bylaw was not outside the township’s municipal authority.”“I would have had no difficulty in finding that the bylaw frustrated the purpose of the GEA if there had been evidence to establish that the effect of the bylaw was actually to prevent entirely the construction of IWTs anywhere in the township,” he wrote.

This last point, IMHO, is debatable.

Justice Reid is clearly on the side of the Developer here. If the By-law did indeed prevent the erection of IWT’s in Wainfleet, this fact by itself would not frustrate the purpose of the GEA; it may be the geography of Wainfleet that does that, something the legislation cannot change. And finally, there is nothing in the GEA that says alternative energy generation sources must be built, it implies only that they may be built.  And they may be built where there is room for them.  A municipality that has plenty of room for them (that is, where setback distances do not prevent the erection of IWT’s) cannot enact by-laws to block construction by imposing unreasonable restrictions, for example, a setback distance of 15 kilometres, unless there are environmental concerns to support such a setback.  In the end, I believe, the issue of Adverse Health Effects will determine where construction of turbines can take place.

Rain, on the Parade, adds more Window Dressing

We held off on the BIG news about IWTs and local democracy (Today’s announcement, OWR) because we knew it was the usual Liberal window dressing, all form and no substance. The policy change is no change at all, it’s there to protect the status quo: local council STILL CANNOT stop an IWT project, willing hosts or not. The decision will still be made in Toronto.  That’s the rain on the parade.

Chiarelli said Ontario’s Feed-In Tariff (FIT) system for awarding renewable energy contracts will be replaced, for large projects over 500 kilowatts, with a new competitive process where the government says wind companies will be required to work with municipalities on locations and site requirements.  Even so, in this clash of councils vs developers, the developers do not have to do anything the councils ask; they just have to manage the approvals process in Toronto to get approval.  Local democracy shall bow to the needs of the gov’t: On Thursday, Wynne said of the changes: “It’s true that there’s not a veto power involved in this process, but we always have to balance the greater good with the local good.”

Jeffs believes the news will not calm rural communities, as she thinks the government intends, but rather “make people angrier.” The municipality may now be allowed to charge more taxes on turbines, but nothing really changes: town councils will not be able to reject proposals that threaten their municipalities – While a zoning meeting may be required to have a Tim Hortons built in town, no municipal approval is required to have a “500-foot-high wind turbine built 550 metres from someone’s home,” Fedeli said.

Nevertheless, councils SHOULD still pass by-laws that require minimum setbacks of more than 550 metres, which they can then point to in their deliberations with developers (all to take place before approval is given in Toronto).  WHY?  because this will be the real test of local democracy, and when the matter goes to court, then, the setback by-laws will be upheld.

Here’s the Wynne-lose’s gov’t. tantalizer: THE CHANGES New rules for approving large wind turbine projects:
– No more feed-in tariff (FIT) program. Replaced with competitive procurement process
– Developers must work with municipalities before seeking Ontario Power Authority approval
– Property taxes paid on wind turbine towers will go up
– Funding for municipalities for local energy plans

Also blogged at Ontario Wind Resistance, including More Window Dressing
Demonstrators Greet Premier to protest the “changes”.
CTV News video, demonstrators protesting on Wynne-lose’s new policy.

Green SCAM also a SHAM

[Editor: Green Legislation in Ontario overrides other legislation meant to protect the health and habitat of citizens, livestock and wildlife, as well as the natural environment by imposing restrictions on property use.  But Turbines are immune to any such restrictions.  While the Endangered Species Act prohibits you from building or developing land where such species might exist, it is waived where turbine development is meant to take place.  Green legislation is not only a scam but also, and more particularly, a SHAM.  This SHAM contravenes all protections laid down in the so-called Charter of Rights.  A pity no legal firm is pursuing, pro bono, a Charter Challenge to the Green Energy Act; it would be a long, laborious and very expensive undertaking, but it should be done. Green Metaphors are seriously dangerous in Ontario.]

Keith Stelling of Arran Lake in Bruce County,  at the Toronto protest April 3rd addressed these words to Premier Wynne:  (re-blogged from OWR Ontario Wind Resistance.)

Welcome everyone from all over Ontario
Thank you for
taking the trouble
having the courage
being persistent


To tell Premier Wynne we are fed up with incompetent energy policy made by foreign multinational corporations.

We can’t afford 15% hydro bill increases! Our economy can’t afford subsidies to big energy corporations.

WIND ENERGY IS NOT CHEAP: we have to pay twice to cover the backup.

It’s often produced when we can’t use it. Then it has to be sold to the United States at below what it cost us to produce. Sometimes we even have to pay them to take it off our hands.

When there is lots of wind, emission-free water power and nuclear often have to be shut down—but we still pay for them!

There is no benign environmental footprint!

Wind turbines are destroying our wildlife habitats.

We’ve done our homework. The government has not.

WE BELIEVE THAT MINISTRY OF NATURAL RESOURCES issuing permits to destroy endangered species and their habitat is A SCANDAL AND ILLEGAL.

We resent being trivialized and called liars when government ministers and the industry tell us our health complaints are all in our heads—caused by jealousy!

We question the authority of the Chief Medical Officer of Health whose report claims there are no adverse health effects when Grey-Bruce MOH Hazel Lynn has found 24 peer reviewed studies that say there are!


We know that children who live beside the turbines and can’t sleep at home miss out on their education because they fall asleep in school.

We know that long term sleep deprivation causes lowered immunity.

(How much will moving the gas plant actually cost us? 6 billion?)

There is no rational basis for adding more wind energy to the grid

it threatens grid stability
makes electricity unaffordable
increases CO2 emissions
and is destroying our communities,
our health,
our wildlife
and our economy.

WE DO NOT INTEND TO GIVE UP our fight for social justice, PREMIER WYNNE.

It is time for YOU to CHANGE COURSE.

Stop approving wind turbines until you have done your homework!

We are not willing communities.