Multi-Billion Dollar Boondoggle

“Queen’s Park is betting heavily that conservation programs will provide an effective and low-cost means of managing power needs in the coming decades,” they write. “Unfortunately, Ontario energy plans rely on unsubstantiated and overly-optimistic claims. We closely examine(d) the analyses behind the province’s ‘Conservation First’ plans, and find either an absence of credible data, or overly-optimistic numbers based on methodologies known to be unreliable.”, Toronto Sun, Lorrie Goldstein column.

The authors of this observation are Tom Adams and Ross McKitrick, in their report, “Demand Side Mismanagement: How Conservation Became Waste”, wherein they also say the Government’s official propaganda about spending billions to save billions more, when challenged, met with this answer: “The government replied “external financial audits were not performed on these programs,” and the rest of the information given was too vague to assess the government’s claims.”

Industrial Wynne Turbines are a wonder to behold, a boon to the province and a comfort to consumers.  The wasted billions will go down in history as a testament to the Wynne-lose Government’s “competence.”

Earth Does Not Get The Message

“Countries and companies around the globe have spent trillions of dollars to stop the Earth from warming and the Earth did not get the message, it responded by cooling. Not to worry, environmentalists who were blatantly wrong and tried to say that cooling is part of global warming, changed their golden goose agenda to climate change. Even though climate change is real, it is called seasons, critics of the climate change industry, of climatism, have been marginalized under the rubric of global warming heretic deniers.”
Climate Change Industry Depletes the Energy Market (Quixotes Last Stand) a report By Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh August 12, 2015

“World leaders, politicians, corporations, universities, and NGOs have been captivated by the climate change industry even though the theory of global warming has failed miserably and all the climate models were proven wrong. They declared war on fossil fuels and waged it with a vengeance at the expense of taxpayers and electricity users.”

“Dr. Steve Goreham, Executive Director of the Climate Science Coalition of America, and author of Mad, Mad, Mad World of Climatism, described the collateral damage from the war on hydrocarbons using Europe as an example of an “energy disaster unfolding.” He said, “there are 487 national climate change laws in 66 nations” and they are hurting the economies of those respective countries.”
Even though IPCC said that “burning biomass is carbon neutral,” the reality is that biofuels release as much or more carbon dioxide than coal does. And the trading of carbon on the carbon markets is failing. People can pay all the carbon footprint taxes in the world and it will not make a bit of difference in the actual CO2 in the atmosphere. It will just make the traders and the companies richer.”

“Dr. Goreham also mentioned that some countries imported wood from Alabama to burn as electricity generator instead of dirty coal. The Green Revolution has been so expensive for Europeans that subsidies were dropping in every area, followed by layoffs in the renewable industry. The wind industry in the U.S. gets 2.3 cents per kWh in tax credit in order to compete.”…

“Dr. Fred Singer, physicist and emeritus professor of environmental science at the University of Virginia, reminded us that the climate change industry does not take into account the CO2 emissions from operation and maintenance of renewables such as how often these devices must be replaced (solar panels, wind turbines, parts, lubricants), and the transmission costs. Wind and solar power does emit CO2 in the construction process, during the mining of the metals used, lubricants, etc.” 

Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh concludes:
“Honest scientists say that we have enough fossil fuels reserves for centuries of use. In the world’s economy renewables should compete without subsidies, we should worry about the Smart Grid’s vulnerability from hackers, solar flares, and EMPs, we should conserve energy wisely, protect nature sensibly, and let the carbon credits scheme go into the trash bin of expensive hustles.”
the enemy of man is man (the full article)

Thus the CLIMATISM that is provoking a coming cataclysm in contemporary history, all in the name of subsidies, carbon credits, contracts, wind and solar developers, naive or stupid politicians, elections and re-elections, political legacies, human greed, and global wishful thinking in the name of money.

Will Wynne Lose?

The state of Government in the Province of Ontario (lots more to come):

Fake it and the people will be duped?
Quote from above TorSun article:
Indeed, the Liberal strategy may best be summed up by a quote Sorbara features on her Twitter page by Canadian politician Nellie McClung: “Never retreat, never explain, never apologize — get the thing done and let them howl.”

Concerning allegations of breaching the Elections Act and the offering of “bribes”, aka government corruption.

Watch the Film, No Charge

In Ontario, you have no choice, your home is your prison…

It will make you sick! Re-blogged from OWR and available on youtube.

Down Wind is the explosive documentary that examines Ontario’s controversial rush into wind farm development. Produced by Surge Media, Down Wind exposes how this Canadian provinces’ green energy dream turned into a nightmare for rural residents forced to live among the towering 50 storey turbines. We hear searing, personal stories of people experiencing mysterious health problems, insomnia, depression, even thoughts of suicide; their lives turned upside down by the constant noise and vibrations given off by the massive wind turbines. The documentary also reveals the staggering economic costs of these wind farms to taxpayers with huge subsidies going to big wind corporations. And how inside connections have made some government cronies wealthy, while rural communities suffer. The film aired on Canada’s Sun News Network. Media write up here:….
For more information contact:


Google engineers have concluded renewable energy production like wind and solar are a waste of time and resources [Quixote’s] as reported by Margaret Wente in the G&M:
But the fundamental problem with Big Wind is much bigger than its cost and unreliability. The problem is that today’s renewable energy technologies won’t save us from the effects of climate change – and we’re wasting our time by trying.

If Google says so, it must be right (smile), but the MacWynne gov’t will keep on with this massive tax scam

[you may need a subscription to continue to the G&M article]

Water is Cheaper

Recently, OWR posted Power from Water Still Cheapest which highlighted a personal opinion from Bullet News Niagara wherein the writer explains his opposition to wind turbines: “The Green Energy Act, which sounds so good, has proven to be a great reason why hydro bills are increasing. The act lacks protection for ratepayers now and in the future.” He goes on to say, “we all want green energy” but we want it cheap. Maybe this statement is just rhetorical and made for effect.

Of course, we don’t all want Green Energy and the rest of the opinion piece goes on to illustrate why: start-up costs, cost of construction, cost of generation, infra-structure costs (transmission lines), tax subsidies, sell-off of excessive power, all of which fly in the face of one overwhelming matter of fact: hydro generation of power is still cheapest and most efficient.  And in Niagara, hydro generation is RESTRICTED to allow wind and solar power first access to the distribution grid.  Where, of course, it overloads the grid and must be sold-off at a loss: “Electrical energy cannot be stored for use at a later date; it’s use it or lose it. It can be sold, but nobody wants it unless the price is right and this means selling at less than cost.”

Not to mention, Ontario now pays producers not to produce!

Basically, the writer is saying, Dalton McGuinty is the Dolt who started Ontario on the path of economic suicide, and his policies are being continued by the current inept, incompetent and spend-thrift government which cares not for our economic survival because the user will PAY, sentiments echoed and emphasized by the NDPee.


As the Government Prevaricates, the Province Deteriorates

[ref. blogged at OWR; original from]
A testimonial of the Wynne-Lose predicament for Ontario: and they say power rates are not driving industry from the Province; must be the racoons…

Dec 27, 2013 | Vote0   0

Hydro rates could climb 68 per cent

Parry Sound North Star

PARRY SOUND – The provincial government has rolled out its long-term plan for electricity and local MPPs aren’t buying.

“The reason they’re calling it 20 years is so they can say to you how little the increase is,” said Progressive Conservative energy critic Vic Fedeli. “They’re planning on absolutely no investment being counted on after the first three years.”

Fedeli states that looking at a five-year plan, electricity rates are going up 68 per cent.

“Under this long-term energy plan we have projected costs on average of over 20 years, because there are 20-year projections done by all the provinces including the province of Ontario and the project is 2.8 per cent,” stated Minister of Energy Bob Chiarelli in a press conference on Dec. 4.

“Why don’t we talk about tomorrow morning? Basically 33 per cent in three years, 68 per cent in five years,” said Fedeli. “Those are the numbers that people should be sitting up and clearing their throats and rubbing their eyes and wondering what the heck happened to the Ontario I grew up in?”


“It seems like a lot of spin from the government,” said Parry Sound-Muskoka MPP Norm Miller. “They’re telling us that prices aren’t going to go up as much as they were before. It’s the same approach that they had to budgeting. Predict a $20 billion deficit and then they’re all happy when they get a $15 billion deficit.”

Miller says of the concerns he hears in his constituency office it is the high price of power that is number one as individuals struggle to pay their energy bills.

But it isn’t just private citizens that are impacted. He received a letter from the manager at Kimberly Clarke’s Huntsville plant waving a red fled, stating that the energy rates are the highest of any of the company’s plants in North America.

“It really puts at risk those 200 good jobs in Huntsville so that is a real concern,” he said.

Chiarelli states that there are industrial support programs in place and that industrial rates in northern Ontario are among the lowest in Canada and lower than 44 American states.

“I hear him in question period talking about how supposedly industrial rates are cheaper but that’s not what Kimberly Clarke is saying and they’re paying their bill,” said Miller.

Chiarelli fielded concerns during the press conference regarding business fleeing across the provincial border for cheaper power.

“The Quebec system is almost exclusively hydro electric and it is a lot cheaper and we will not be able to compete, either with Quebec in terms of cost of energy or with Manitoba with cost of energy,” he said. “Having said that we do a significant amount of hydro which helps to keep our prices down to where they are at the present time. There is no question about the fact that they’re in a much better position than we are here in Ontario.”

Fedeli states industrial subsidies only benefit very large industry.

“It wasn’t much of a benefit for Xstrata Copper, the single largest user of power in all of Ontario. They left Ontario,” he said. “They moved across the border to Quebec for cheaper power.”

Fedeli says most companies do not use enough power to qualify for the industrial subsidies.

Chiarelli told the press that when they took over government 10 years ago there was a deficit of supply, brown outs and a government importing close to $1 billion a year in energy. He says they had lost capacity for generation and transmission, and have invested significantly over the past decade.

“The question of clean, when we achieved government there was 25 per cent of our generation was coal. Dirty, cheap, inexpensive coal,” he said. “The cost of the emissions in terms of healthcare and environmental damage was $4.4 billion a year.”

“None of his spin is going to change the fact that they have bungled the hydro file since day one,” said Fedeli.

Fedeli says the rich subsidy for wind and solar was their biggest mistake.

“The Auditor General told us that the flaw in the Energy Act was that they agreed to buy the wind power whenever it was made,” he said. “They also told us that they did not do a business plan on the Green Energy Act… after they spent billions they discovered, once the wind turbines were up… the wind makes power at night, when we don’t need it.”

Fedeli says last year the province has paid both Quebec and the United States $500 million to take surplus power.

He adds that due to contractual obligations under the Green Energy Act, if the wind does blow during the day it means having to shut down generators at Niagara Falls, a cost of $300 million last year.

On the occasions last year Fedeli said nuclear plants had to vent already made steam at a cost of $80 million.

“That’s a billion dollars and now we have 20 year contacts,” he said. “We’re stuck with that for 20 years.”

An announcement made the same day as the long-term plan showed wind power usage will be increasing from four per cent to 11 per cent.

Chiarelli stated that the 20-year plan was as a result of decisions made, including the decision to not move forward with new nuclear energy, taking $15 billion off the system.

“There are a number of decisions we’ve already made which will remove some of the price pressure,” he said.

He stated that 20-year projections by the National Energy Board showed increases from other provinces such as Alberta at 3.7 per cent, BC is 3 per cent and Manitoba is 3.2 per cent.

“We’re going to continue to work hard to take pressure off prices and to create programs to help people, but again, from a political point of view, I don’t want to miss the opportunity to indicate that both Andrea Horwath and Tim Hudak said that they will not commit to freezing or lowering electricity prices, not withstanding the fact they continue to criticize us.”

Fedeli said the Progressive Conservatives would see the FIT Program cancelled.

“They won’t cancel it because then they would have to admit that it was a massive failure,” he said.

“They can’t cancel it because it would be an admission that they were wrong.”



Minister of (Mismanaged) Rural Affairs

“Jeff Leal, now the Minister of Rural Affairs, is being feted for managing to be an MPP for 10 years. This Liberal celebration will be held on Thursday November 21st,  at the Evinrude Centre in Peterborough.  Premier Wynne will be there as well as up to 1000 special invitees.  NOTE: Local and Toronto media will be there.

Re-blogged from Ontario Wind Resistance.

Perhaps he’s being celebrated for overseeing the successful INDUSTRIALISATION of rural Ontario?

A chance to celebrate by protesting.

A minister who is as good as the current Minister of Agriculture!

The HWY 402 Protest

See the results of the mass protest along Hwy 402, huge turnout, huge success:
CTV Coverage (Ontario Wind Resistance).

Pictures of the Protest (OWR)

London Free Press (OWR)

KUDOS to all citizens who marched in protest and all citizens opposed to the Wynne-lose system of government and power generation… and to THE RURAL RESIDENTS OF MIDDLESEX, LAMBTON SHORES, ADELAIDE TOWNSHIP, PLYMPTON WYOMING AND BLUEWATER!!!