Hydro Cable Under Lake Erie

To carry Ontario power to US, mostly Green Energy. Watch video CTV Report starting at minute 1:00
Ontario Hydro Sells Green Energy cheap.

So, Ontarians pay through the nose for Greed Energy generated by Industrial Wynne Turbines, while the US can buy it at a DEEP discount.

Of course, if they had to pay the real cost, they wouldn’t and we’d be stuck with unusable greed-generated energy.

Calling All Rural Ontario Fire Chiefs!

Calling all Fire Chiefs: Witness what can happen at a Turbine near you! Turbine Fire Near Goderich (re-blogged from OWR).

CTV News: Goderich Turbine Fire (re-blogged from OWR).

Are you prepared?  Can you prepare for this?  Who shinnies up the pole?