Turbine Hearing begins Friday

InPort News report by Allan Brenner

Parents and grandparents concerned about the potential impact large industrial wind turbines could have on children will have an opportunity to discuss those concerns during an Environmental Review Tribunal, starting Friday.

A preliminary hearing looking into plans of Niagara Region Wind Corp to build wind turbines in west Niagara communities begins at 10 a.m. at the Wellandport Community Centre.

Ontario’s Environmental Commissioner launched the tribunal in response to an appeal by Mothers Against Wind Turbines Inc. filed Nov. 26, two weeks after the Ministry of the Environment granted renewable energy approval for the project.

The hearing will focus on community concerns about the project to build 77 wind turbines in the communities of West Lincoln, Lincoln, Wainfleet, Haldimand and on Region of Niagara property, with a total capacity of generating 230 megawatts of electricity.

Wainfleet Mayor April Jeffs said she may stop in during the hearing depending on her schedule, since six of the wind turbines being proposed are planned for her community.

“Three (turbines) are going in the Wellandport area in the northwest, and another two or three will be down here along the lake on the Haldimand border.

“I’m sure there will be residents of Wainfleet attending,” Jeffs said, adding several members of Mothers Against Wind Turbines live in Wainfleet.

The organization says the turbines will be up to 135 metres tall, and the blades of which will have a diameter of 101 meters.

“These will be some of the largest turbines to ever be introduced so closely to people and their homes in North America,” the organization said in a media release.

The full hearing is scheduled to start Jan. 19.

Calls and e-mails to Mothers Against Wind Turbines Inc., as well as Niagara Region Wind Corp. to discuss the hearing were not returned, Thursday.


Turbine Facts

Wind is Waning… “Clean Green” or expensive Con game paid for by, U?

Tell Andrea Horwath Where to Get Off!

Here’s the chance to tell the NDP what you think of its job of keeping Wynne-lose in power!  With a straight face and a butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-her-mouth smile, Andrea Horwath is appealing to Ontarians to get angry about high Hydro rates, as if we haven’t been screaming about them for more than a year.

Quixote’s Last Stand says, Go ahead. Tell them what you think by providing a link to an NDPee petition page on the issue of Hydro Rates and power sell-offs. Don’t be fooled by the smiling face that says, “It’s because of people like you that we are making a difference in Ontario.” Oh, really? Hadn’t noticed anything except your continuing support for the perpetrating Government!

Here’s the link: Save On Hydro. Yes, that’s the title, and here’s the sub-title:
Say yes to making electricity more affordable for families and businesses. Tell Andrea Horwath what you really think!  Go ahead, make her day.

NIMBY Information Meeting

Next It Might Be You Information Evening, sponsored by WLGWAG (West Lincoln Glanbrook Wind Action):

Thursday 7th November 2013

Covenant Christian School Gym 6470 Regional Road 14, (Town Line) Smithville.

Doors Open 6:30 pm. Presentation 7:00 – 8:00 pm

Proposed 77 Turbine project by Niagara Regional Wind Corp.
●Routing of Electricity Transmission Lines in your vicinity.
●Caistor Centre current installation of 5 Turbines by IPC.
●The Cost of Wind Energy and Your ‘Skyrocketing’ Electricity Bills.
●The Environment and Your Family’s Health.
●The Injustice of The Green Energy Act.

Reblogged from Mothers Against Turbines


WAINFLEET Wind Farm Approved

OWR blog reports Final Approval has been granted to the wind developer for the project going up in Wainfleet, first reported in Niagara This Week, story by Luke Edwards:
IPC Energy announced the approval Monday. The project, a collaboration between Loeffen Farms and Rankin construction, will see a nine megawatt wind farm built in the township. A total of five turbines will be built.

A sad, bad day in the Township. The folks at SkyDive Burnaby are not going to be happy, either; let’s hope Transport Canada steps in to stop the towers that will be a grave hazard to skydivers. This, on top of the news that Smithville is getting IWT’s, too, makes for a heavy blow against the hopes of both Townships for sensible and safe siting of turbines.

Ontario Green Machine in action

Welland IWT blade manufacturer to release ammonia, petroleum distillates, ethylbenzene & suspended particulate matter (OWR)

The big green jobs bandwagon is blowing smoke and toxic gas, particulates and who know what else.  Green is not clean in Ontario, nor anywhere. The Green Machine is a way to waste millions and billions while destroying lfe and what;s left of rural Ontario.

Send the gov’t your comments here: Environmental Registry

Clearly, alternative energy is a DIRTY BUSINESS in many ways, including the production of components.

Wainfleet By-law Side-effects

Both sides are seeing hopeful signs in an April Ontario Superior Court ruling that considered the validity of a municipal bylaw that enacted greater restrictions on wind turbines than those outlined in the provincial Green Energy and Green Economy Act. [Ontario Wind Resistance].

For a report on the Court’s Decision, go to Law Times:

For De Vellis [developer’s lawyer], the changes are generally positive. “You really do need local buy-in to make green energy successful,” he says, adding he’s not in favour of a municipal veto over wind turbines.

DeLorenzo [Township’s lawyer] also sees hope in the province’s moves. “It’s clear to me that the province is now aware of the fact that municipalities are being trodden upon by these regulations,” he says. [they are both referring to changes in Fitt legislation].

[Justice] Reid later added: “The enactment of the bylaw was not outside the township’s municipal authority.”“I would have had no difficulty in finding that the bylaw frustrated the purpose of the GEA if there had been evidence to establish that the effect of the bylaw was actually to prevent entirely the construction of IWTs anywhere in the township,” he wrote.

This last point, IMHO, is debatable.

Justice Reid is clearly on the side of the Developer here. If the By-law did indeed prevent the erection of IWT’s in Wainfleet, this fact by itself would not frustrate the purpose of the GEA; it may be the geography of Wainfleet that does that, something the legislation cannot change. And finally, there is nothing in the GEA that says alternative energy generation sources must be built, it implies only that they may be built.  And they may be built where there is room for them.  A municipality that has plenty of room for them (that is, where setback distances do not prevent the erection of IWT’s) cannot enact by-laws to block construction by imposing unreasonable restrictions, for example, a setback distance of 15 kilometres, unless there are environmental concerns to support such a setback.  In the end, I believe, the issue of Adverse Health Effects will determine where construction of turbines can take place.

Pelham Joins the Pack

The Welland Tribune reports (by Sarah Ferguson) that Pelham may be ready to join Wainfleet in opposing Wind Turbines (West Lincoln may yet do so next Council meeting).  While the City of Welland is anticipating a jobs boost from turbine blade manufacturing, the 200 jobs figure is probably exaggerated for political effect.

Rest assured, however, that those jobs are short term and temporary (unless the Province intends cranking out turbines to cover EVERY acre of agricultural land, in which case, they’ll last a little longer?).

“Jobs are great but I really believe it’s going to be short term and produce something people don’t want.”, Mayor April Jeffs of Wainfleet.


Green SCAM also a SHAM

[Editor: Green Legislation in Ontario overrides other legislation meant to protect the health and habitat of citizens, livestock and wildlife, as well as the natural environment by imposing restrictions on property use.  But Turbines are immune to any such restrictions.  While the Endangered Species Act prohibits you from building or developing land where such species might exist, it is waived where turbine development is meant to take place.  Green legislation is not only a scam but also, and more particularly, a SHAM.  This SHAM contravenes all protections laid down in the so-called Charter of Rights.  A pity no legal firm is pursuing, pro bono, a Charter Challenge to the Green Energy Act; it would be a long, laborious and very expensive undertaking, but it should be done. Green Metaphors are seriously dangerous in Ontario.]

Keith Stelling of Arran Lake in Bruce County,  at the Toronto protest April 3rd addressed these words to Premier Wynne:  (re-blogged from OWR Ontario Wind Resistance.)

Welcome everyone from all over Ontario
Thank you for
taking the trouble
having the courage
being persistent


To tell Premier Wynne we are fed up with incompetent energy policy made by foreign multinational corporations.

We can’t afford 15% hydro bill increases! Our economy can’t afford subsidies to big energy corporations.

WIND ENERGY IS NOT CHEAP: we have to pay twice to cover the backup.

It’s often produced when we can’t use it. Then it has to be sold to the United States at below what it cost us to produce. Sometimes we even have to pay them to take it off our hands.

When there is lots of wind, emission-free water power and nuclear often have to be shut down—but we still pay for them!

There is no benign environmental footprint!

Wind turbines are destroying our wildlife habitats.

We’ve done our homework. The government has not.

WE BELIEVE THAT MINISTRY OF NATURAL RESOURCES issuing permits to destroy endangered species and their habitat is A SCANDAL AND ILLEGAL.

We resent being trivialized and called liars when government ministers and the industry tell us our health complaints are all in our heads—caused by jealousy!

We question the authority of the Chief Medical Officer of Health whose report claims there are no adverse health effects when Grey-Bruce MOH Hazel Lynn has found 24 peer reviewed studies that say there are!


We know that children who live beside the turbines and can’t sleep at home miss out on their education because they fall asleep in school.

We know that long term sleep deprivation causes lowered immunity.

(How much will moving the gas plant actually cost us? 6 billion?)

There is no rational basis for adding more wind energy to the grid

it threatens grid stability
makes electricity unaffordable
increases CO2 emissions
and is destroying our communities,
our health,
our wildlife
and our economy.

WE DO NOT INTEND TO GIVE UP our fight for social justice, PREMIER WYNNE.

It is time for YOU to CHANGE COURSE.

Stop approving wind turbines until you have done your homework!

We are not willing communities.