Andrea NDPee $100 to Buy Your Vote

Did you get one of these, with a promise of a $100 hydro rebate?  From Andrea and the NDPee hypocrites?  They are going to clean up Hydro, reduce costs and eliminate debt (and still keep the Greed Energy programme).  She is going to cap executive pay (at its current inflated numbers, no doubt). And she will stop subsidizing hydro sales to other jurisdictions (but doesn’t say how she’s going to convince any buyers to pay the inflated costs of Greed-produced power).

She will stop “private power deals” (what are they?)  And of course she will solve the gas plant fiddle… but not clean up hydro’s bloated bureaucracies.  

The wrath of Horwath?  And the NDPee that never answers or acknowledges emails sent to them by constituents but is pleased to send out their crap.  Damn! there is no link or button to click where you can send her a rude reply… pity!


Thank you for adding your voice to the debate.

Today I announced our plan to cut hydro waste and pass the savings on to you with a $100 rebate.

I will:
Stop the $1 billion annual subsidy of electricity exports to jurisdictions like New York and Michigan by taking Ontario hydro sales out of the hands of speculative energy traders
Cap executive pay and cut down on waste and duplication by merging Ontario’s hydro agencies
Stop new private power deals and review of all current private power contracts in the wake of the $1-billion gas plant scandal

These are practical and achievable steps that cut the waste and put money back in your wallet.

Now we need your help to get Kathleen Wynne and Tim Hudak to listen.  Share. Tweet. Talk to your neighbours.  And encourage them to add their voice.


Andrea Horwath
Leader, Ontario NDP
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Water is Cheaper

Recently, OWR posted Power from Water Still Cheapest which highlighted a personal opinion from Bullet News Niagara wherein the writer explains his opposition to wind turbines: “The Green Energy Act, which sounds so good, has proven to be a great reason why hydro bills are increasing. The act lacks protection for ratepayers now and in the future.” He goes on to say, “we all want green energy” but we want it cheap. Maybe this statement is just rhetorical and made for effect.

Of course, we don’t all want Green Energy and the rest of the opinion piece goes on to illustrate why: start-up costs, cost of construction, cost of generation, infra-structure costs (transmission lines), tax subsidies, sell-off of excessive power, all of which fly in the face of one overwhelming matter of fact: hydro generation of power is still cheapest and most efficient.  And in Niagara, hydro generation is RESTRICTED to allow wind and solar power first access to the distribution grid.  Where, of course, it overloads the grid and must be sold-off at a loss: “Electrical energy cannot be stored for use at a later date; it’s use it or lose it. It can be sold, but nobody wants it unless the price is right and this means selling at less than cost.”

Not to mention, Ontario now pays producers not to produce!

Basically, the writer is saying, Dalton McGuinty is the Dolt who started Ontario on the path of economic suicide, and his policies are being continued by the current inept, incompetent and spend-thrift government which cares not for our economic survival because the user will PAY, sentiments echoed and emphasized by the NDPee.


Tell Andrea Horwath Where to Get Off!

Here’s the chance to tell the NDP what you think of its job of keeping Wynne-lose in power!  With a straight face and a butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-her-mouth smile, Andrea Horwath is appealing to Ontarians to get angry about high Hydro rates, as if we haven’t been screaming about them for more than a year.

Quixote’s Last Stand says, Go ahead. Tell them what you think by providing a link to an NDPee petition page on the issue of Hydro Rates and power sell-offs. Don’t be fooled by the smiling face that says, “It’s because of people like you that we are making a difference in Ontario.” Oh, really? Hadn’t noticed anything except your continuing support for the perpetrating Government!

Here’s the link: Save On Hydro. Yes, that’s the title, and here’s the sub-title:
Say yes to making electricity more affordable for families and businesses. Tell Andrea Horwath what you really think!  Go ahead, make her day.

Why Bother?

Why bother trying to be green by conserving on electricity when hydro rates keeping going up? And up…
Because you have no choice; if you don’t, your bill gets bigger and bigger…

Ontario has had two mendacious Premiers in a row: the electorate seems to love this style of governing because they keep to it. The NDP makes loud noises about hydro and high costs and waste, and yet, enables the government. The NDP likes mendacity, too. It favours high rates as much as it favours high taxes.

The NDP leader and Party have even gone so far as to mount a website to create the appearance (a green illusion) that they are “on it”: “have your say” about the Ontario budget. I’ll say this: every missive, note, letter or email I have sent the NDP leader and local MPP’s (and including the local Federal MP) has been met with complete SILENCE. There’s the NDP’s true colours: they don’t care about reality, they care only about appearances.

Folly Green Giant

A clever pun by Christina Blizzard of the Toronto Sun Newspaper; and, also, a very appropriate one! She says the giant is “smothering the voice of rural Ontario”:
That’s the only way to explain the complacency urban residents have for the desecration of rural Ontario.
Politicians from small towns across the province came to Queen’s Park Thursday demanding the Kathleen Wynne government return decision-making to the local councils.
The Green Energy Act stripped local politicians of any say in the siting of wind and solar farms in their communities.

So, if urbanites are complacent about the destruction of rural Ontario, what’s happened to all the Greenies who usually live in the cities? Why aren’t they out protesting this destruction?! Why? Because the saint of tainted causes, David Suzuki, hasn’t raised the rallying cry for them. In fact, his organization has done the opposite by joining the forces of the nutbar failed scientists who are proclaiming the deleterious effects of turbine power is “all in your head” (Quixotes has a great picture of the saint with outstretched arms delivering his sermon from the lectern – the man has abandoned science).

Voila the horrible cost of Green Energy and the huge rises in the cost of power to the consumer. And worse yet, Ontario Liberals and the NDPee have defeated MPP Lisa Thompson’s Bill 39 to restore affordable energy by curtailing wind power and restoring local democracy. This, of course and unfortunately, was a foreseeable result. The real hypocrites here are the NDPee (whose CAW turbine continues to blow an ill wind).

The Folly Green Giant is marching on, as Blizzard writes, aided and abbetted by the Minister Of Agriculture, Ms Wynne-lose:
Here’s the truth of what’s happening: It’s not Alberta and the price of oil that’s killing jobs here and hollowing out the economy. It’s our own home-grown government that has bungled the electricity file at every turn.
They spent $275 million to scrap a gas plant to save a couple of seats in Mississauga.
Rural Ontario, meanwhile, bears the brunt of their folly green giant.

High power rates are killing jobs and industry in Ontario, as reported by the writer:
A chemical company was about to expand rubber production in a neighbouring municipality, but decided it can’t justify the cost of electricity compared to the U.S. (Enniskillen)
In the legislature, PC Leader Tim Hudak talked about a Niagara food packaging company that compared electricity costs here with their plant in Texas. It’s 69% more here.

Ironically, the home of the Bruce Power Plant (Kincardine, Tiverton), is slated to receive 100 more Turbines in addition to the 118 that already bristle in the region, where the drop in coal power generation corresponds to the output of the refurbished Bruce Generating station and has absolutely nothing to do with wind and solar power generation – now, there’s Irony for you!!!

NDP Also Responsible for the GEAct!

Word for word from,The Big Green Lie:

NDP’s MPP’s as guilty as McGuinty’s Liberals for Ontario’s Energy woes!!!!!

Now that McGuinty has “slinked off” into the “sunset” or darkness, whichever way you look at it, don’t go getting all soft and weepy over Andrea Horwath and her public outrage at how bad the Liberals have treated Ontario!!!!

One of the worst acts that took place in the last three years by this disgraced Government was the signing into law of the Green Energy Act, Bill 150 in May of 2009!

It’s effects will linger for many decades and will basically bankrupt every household that exists within a limited middle class income!

The Green Energy Act is Dictatorial, Environmentally destructive, health damaging and worst of all has brought Ontario to it’s knees in it’s Industrial viability and has caused billions of $$$ of lost incomes and jobs across this once fair Province.

Now that McGuinty has shut down debate over his part in this massive degradation of our quality of life, let’s turn our attention to another Leader who was as much a part of this destruction as McGuinty!


MPP Andrea Horwath, MPP (Hamilton Centre)

Andrea Horwath NDP  Leader MPP

This MPP was part of the 59 MPP’s who voted in favour of Bill 150, the Green Energy Act on May 14th/2009.

Along with Ms. Horwath there was another 4 NDP MPP’s who voted in favour of this destructive Act.

France Gelinas, Paul Miller, Peter Tabuns, Rosario Marchese

Hold these NDP MPP’s as responsible for Ontario’s demise as the now defunct Liberals, who have scurried from the halls of Queen’s Park to avoid prosecution for their scandalous deeds to YOUR children’s and grandchildren’s futures!!!!

Oh, and worth mentioning here is the fact that NOT ONE single PC MPP voted in favour of Bill 150!

ALSO, re-blogged at QUIXOTES Last Stand


That Andrea HOGWASH and the New DIBERAL Party should vote with Dalton the Dolt and his crew to defeat Lisa Thompson’s Bill that would have imposed a Moratorium on Wind Turbine Development. Read the NEWS (with a link to Hansard) here.

Cindy Forster, Welland MPP, should be turfed for betraying her constituents in the Riding of Welland, which includes Wainfleet County. For reasons of political stupidity, that defies logic and reality, the electors of the cities of Welland and Thorold keep voting NDP, which has continually failed to get small industry to locate in either city (that’s another story), but don’t let that stop you! The same can be said for the City of Hamilton, the predilection of which gets Ms HOGWASH elected to be the Liberal Party subsidiary at Queen’s Park!

Electors of Wainfleet! bombard Cindy Forster with protest emails: