TV Turbine Report in Niagara Region

The Ongoing Controversy over Turbines continues, is the gist of this CHCH TV report [also blogged on OntWindResistance]. TV reporter, Lisa Hepfner tries to examine both sides of the issue in West Lincoln (which will soon be metal porcupine country with a total of 77 IWT’s). The IWT’s will stretch from West Lincoln to Wainfleet.
The reporter quotes residents who are being bombarded with noise & health issues. She also quotes OPA on the issue, whose spokesman tells what amounts to a duplicitous lie: Shawn Cronkwright, Ontario Power Authority: “With wind turbines, you have to pay to install the equipment, but after the equipment is installed the cost of the fuel is zero. Wind actually is a key piece of keeping prices lower in the entire portfolio.”
The zero cost of “fuel” is disingenuous, to say the least. There’s the huge cost of accessing that “fuel” paid for with tax dollars in the billions; there’s the huge cost of paying for the consumption of that “fuel”, and the huge cost of re-selling that excess “fuel” to other jurisdictions at a less than the cost of production. Then there are the hidden healthcare costs caused by the effects of that “fuel”, the transmission costs (hydro has to shut down to allow wind energy onto the Grid); the air pollution costs caused by the diesel engines needed to operate the turbines; and the costs of lost agricultural production from the industrialized land needed to erect these 60 story towers.
And let’s not even mention the slaughter of millions of flying creatures the earth needs to keep its balance.
Or the Charter Rights being breached by forced acceptance of turbine development. Or the loss of land value. Or increased carbon emissions.
Wind energy is not “free” or “clean” or “green”; these words are government and industry mantras aimed at deluding the public into thinking that the outmoded technology of wind is cutting edge. The edge has been dulled in Europe and the many countries that are abandoning it. Landowners who give their land over to the production of wind instead of crops will be disappointed when their “windfall” lasts much less than 20 years, when the landscape will be dotted with stopped and rusting turbines. But the thieves who run this scheme will have had their money and others will have left office.


Turbine Facts

Wind is Waning… “Clean Green” or expensive Con game paid for by, U?

ERT Rejects Charter Appeal

The Charter of Rights carries no weight with Environmental Review Tribunals. An appeal (OWR) based on those Rights was rejected on the grounds there was no evidence of harm to the health of the Appellants or to anyone’s health (TorStar) because of Wind Turbines.  The Appellants were expecting rejection because in their opinion (and the opinion of many) the ERT’s are set up for the public to lose.
The ERT ruled that “There is no reliable evidence to demonstrate that the project will cause serious physical or any other serious harm”, despite the testimony of numerous witnesses living close to the turbines who suffered health problems.
The ERT avails itself in almost every case of this reasoning to reject appeals because  the ERT, of course, rules on the admissibility of such evidence, rejecting the evidence of private citizens, while accepting evidence provided by wind proponents opposing the appeals. It’s a rigged card game, a Wynne-lose set-up.
Of course, the Appellants in this Huron County case will be going to the courts for a fairer hearing, and, it is hoped, a just one.

Tell Andrea Horwath Where to Get Off!

Here’s the chance to tell the NDP what you think of its job of keeping Wynne-lose in power!  With a straight face and a butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-her-mouth smile, Andrea Horwath is appealing to Ontarians to get angry about high Hydro rates, as if we haven’t been screaming about them for more than a year.

Quixote’s Last Stand says, Go ahead. Tell them what you think by providing a link to an NDPee petition page on the issue of Hydro Rates and power sell-offs. Don’t be fooled by the smiling face that says, “It’s because of people like you that we are making a difference in Ontario.” Oh, really? Hadn’t noticed anything except your continuing support for the perpetrating Government!

Here’s the link: Save On Hydro. Yes, that’s the title, and here’s the sub-title:
Say yes to making electricity more affordable for families and businesses. Tell Andrea Horwath what you really think!  Go ahead, make her day.

A Question of When (will someone hit the “fan”)

“A popular Canadian skydiving company, which sees up to 10,000 skydivers a year, is trying to reverse a plan to install two wind turbines near its site for fear it will put the lives of parachutists at serious risk.
After appealing the project to the Ontario Environmental Review Tribunal, Skydive Burnaby, located near Niagara Falls, built its case against Wainfleet Wind Energy’s proposal.
The Environmental Review Tribunal currently has hearings underway on the matter. A decision is expected this spring.”
, video report by Sun News (also blogged at OWR).

In Germany, one skydiver life has already been lost by hitting a turbine 4km from take off. In Wainfleet, the Turbines are going up 2km away from Burnaby Skydive Club. Divers have landed in the field right where one of the turbines is now being built. So, it’s not a question of will the divers hit the IWT’s but WHEN. An Appeal Tribunal ruling has stopped construction on 2 turbines for the time being; a decision is expected in spring.

The Turbine developer has launched another lawsuit against the Town of Wainfleet because its Council passed a motion to provide the Appelants in the skydive appeal with a grant of $40,000 to help with legal costs.

The Town Council based its decision, 4 to 1, on the need to protect health and safety of residents and also to help preserve Wainfleet’s economic base. Needless to say, the decision has residents divided on the issue, ostensibly on the issue of a grant to a private business but in fact in support of wind turbine development in the Township and in opposition to the current Council (some former Council members ousted in the last election were in attendance at the regular meeting of Council Jan.14).

The BS Keeps Piling Up…

AND UP!  One of the Plaintiffs in the 2nd lawsuit (same as in the first) against Wainfleet Township is protesting the Town’s grant of dollars to assist a private business in its fight against Wainfleet Wind Energy Inc. , which came as no surprise to the Mayor, after the appeal succeeded in obtaining a temporary stop-work order on construction of one turbine.

Besides being one of the developers who are working to build the wind turbine project, wind turbine developer Tom Rankin said he’s also a Wainfleet property-owner who’s concerned about how his tax contributions are being used. “We just think it’s wrong to start subsidizing a small sector of the economy. We just think it’s wrong,” he said. “I’d like to think I’m representing taxpayers that are pretty upset about that whole shenanigan of giving someone $40,000 to fight an appeal. That’s my take on it. I’m a taxpayer out there myself. I own property there, and some of our employees own property there and I’ve talked to a number of other people and they’re pretty upset.”, reported by OWR and first by Welland Tribune and St. Catharine’s Standard.

Rankin and company just recently ended his cozy joint venture setup with the Niagara Regional Government:
It was announced Friday the region is taking steps to dissolve a partnership formed with Rankin Construction Inc. back in 2001 that led to the creation of the Wind Energy Niagara Corporation in 2006.
The conflict of interest should have been obvious from the beginning. The motive for dissolution can be glimpsed in these words:
“It’s the right decision and the right time to dissolve this partnership with the Region,” Tom Rankin, chief executive officer of Rankin Construction Inc.

The right time, indeed!

The disingenuous hyporcrisy of Rankin and company makes the gorge rise.  Now Mr. Rankin is “playing” the injured Wainfleet resident because the Town Council stepped in to help its own fight against wind turbine development with a grant of aid.  The Town was an appellant in the matter but withdrew in order to assist the two main private appellants.  In so doing, the Town was indirectly pursuing its own appeal against the development and acting to protect part of the Township’s economic base (the appellants’ business will be destroyed by IWT development).

And there is a potential for lawsuits growing because IWT construction will affect many residents who are opposed to it in light of a possible devaluation of the their properties (it’s already happened on Wolfe Island which is covered with IWT’s).  This fact of potential suits and devaluation was pointed out by Alderman Betty Konc:
Konc said she conservatively estimates that there are about 800 properties on the lakeshore who will be affected by the turbines.
If the value of those properties is reassessed and reduced by MPAC, “the township is going to suffer a $500,000 a year deficit in our tax base from the lakeshore for 20 years,” she said. “That’s $500,000 a year for 20 years.”
(St.CatharinesStandard above).

There is something rank in the Niagara Region, and it smells of more than BS and hypocrisy.

When Nothing Else Works…

When nothing else works, bring in the lawyers!!!  That’s what wind developers are doing at ERT hearings: using lawyers to stifle, cancel and disqualify Parties, Participants and Presenters at these hearings.  ALL OF A SUDDEN, rules of evidence, procedural moves and such like are being called upon by the lawyers to PREVENT the hearing of EVIDENCE. – Here’s a particularly disgusting example of the use and abuse of procedure at the ERT: Kathryn Minten on Stray Current (OntarioWindResistance). It’s disgusting to read how the manipulation is not just occurring BUT is ALSO being allowed by Tribunal Chairs, who after reading about this Hearing appear to be as biased as they are incompetent.

Why incompetent? Because Administrative Tribunals (like the ERT) are NOT Courts of Law and so, are not subject to the same procedural rules and rules of evidence. Had the opponents had their own lawyers (which they cannot afford) the Proponents’s lawyers would be put in their place and the Chairs reminded they cannot take sides by procedural chicanery.

Hearsay evidence, indeed!  Really, unwanted evidence not inadmissible evidence the true reason!  The Ontario Government has stacked the deck against its citizens and raised the odds for failure by any Appelant.  No longer a Rubber Stamp, the process is now thoroughly CORRUPT.

When the Government of the day is finally removed, the new government will have lots of grounds upon which not only to repeal the GEA, BUT ALSO TO REVERSE ERT DECISIONS where the Tribunal’s decisions show bias, abuse of procedure and incompetence.

Corporate Welfare Does NOT Create Jobs

The GEA of Ontario, and the F.I.T. system designed to implement it are flagrant examples of how not to stimulate economic benefits for the long term.

The recent West Lincoln decision not to support F.I.T. projects, whether for wind or solar (OWR), demonstrates that so-called Green projects can only be achieved by tax subsidies and increased power rates. In other words, by Corporate Welfare.

The economic activity generated by such Corporate Welfare is not only short term but also vacuous: that is, but for the Welfare, the Corporation wouldn’t pursue such activity. In fact, any economic return from Green projects results only because taxpayers foot the bill for development and, then again, when power rates go up.

Read the whole story here: Welland Tribune: Jeff Bolichowski.  The objection to the Town’s refusal to back a solar project is raised by the developer who cannot proceed, NOT BECAUSE THE TOWN WON”T LET HIM, but because he will not be subsidized by the taxpayer.

His development, in fact, does not need Town approval (the sneaky Ontario government is saying that with municipal support such projects will easily receive approval).  The development can proceed, on the developer’s dime.  But he wants a WELFARE payment from the government, otherwise, his project will generate little or no profit to cover the costs of development.

Why? Because Green Energy is a snare and an illusion.  We know that, which is why unwilling Town Councils want to regain full control of developments in their respective jurisdictions, want the return of local democracy which was removed by the provincial government to facilitate Corporate Welfare on a billion dollar scale.

Wind Turbines Affect Sleep: study


“The findings are really not news to anyone unfortunate enough to live near wind turbines and be impacted by them. These are the types of things we’ve been telling people for many years,” says Spokesperson for the Chatham-Kent Wind Action Group Monica Elms. “The evidence just can’t be ignored anymore and our government really needs to do something to properly protect people who are in this situation.”

The Ontario Medical Officer of Health now has proof of DIRECT effects of IWT’s on health!!!