2 thoughts on “TVO, on Ontario’s Wilted Green Energy

  1. TVO also aired a Wind Energy programme at 8:00pm on Sunday evening.
    A proposed IWT project in Devon,UK in 2007, the planning application process and growing opposition from residents ending up with the elected local Council concerned rejecting the application based on their planners recommendations.(Yes! In the UK they do retain that right based on public meetings with their residents!!!)
    However! They have a follow up next Sunday, following the appeal process by Wind Energy company and although I’ve not researched it(intentionally)I have a sinking feeling that the final outcome will be a county Planner overturning the local Council’s opposition and forcing the project on the villagers.
    There’s nothing new in any of what we are trying to do. The fact that 20 years later and more governments still ignore the almost universal failure of wind energy and accept sickness, loss of property values and soaring energy prices as acceptable collateral damage is the scary part.

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