59 Wind Monsters Approved for Haldimand County

59 IWT Project approved for Haldimand County, right next door to Wainfleet.

Typically before an ideology, a war, a government issue or such like reach their end, there is a burst of activity to get in the last licks, the last point, the last laugh or whatever pyrrhic success. This is an example of the same. The personal vanity of the Premier of Ontario who slipped this into law without presenting it to his cabinet may be forced to go away with the mounting opposition to this vainglorious paen to Green Gluttony.

The Senate pf Canada has unanimously approved a request for a moratorium in Ontario on wind turbine development to protect the main pathways of bird migrations in eastern Lake Ontario and the lower St lawrence in the face of the Ontario MOE rubberstamping the go-ahead for a huge wind farm. Nevertheless, the storm is gathering. The Dalton Gang may yet be blown away by the wind of its own vanity.

2 thoughts on “59 Wind Monsters Approved for Haldimand County

  1. The Ontario government and their ‘expert panel’ caught out yet once again in an outright lie!
    The Ontario parameters for noise levels DO NOT comply with the World Health Organisation’s recommendations.
    Ontario says 40dBs is ‘safe’ in spite of the fact many other medical experts worldwide have independently come to the conclusion 40dB is far too high.
    The WHO itself, in its most recent study, states that a maximum noise level should be a maximum of 30dB to avoid a noise level that can lead to sleep disturbance and sleep deprivation. WHO’s recommendation are based on noise in a bedroom at night with the window partially open.
    Additionally there is a direct correlation between noise level and safe set back distance, each 6dB equating to doubling the safe set back distance, so a minimum safe setback distance in Ontario, based on WHO recommendations should be in excess of 1100 mtrs, approximately 1500 mtrs in fact.
    For the Ontario wind energy industry to continue to claim that 550mtrs and 40dBs are the ‘strictest’ parameters in the world are just untrue.
    It’s time for municipalities to stand up for those who elected them and commit to refusing to accept these environmentally destructive industrial wind power plants in their communities on both negative health and economic grounds, grounds they are legally obliged to defend, regardless of the GEA.
    Why expect wind action groups to raise money for appeals, from over taxed and cash strapped communities, only to have their own tax dollars used against them by the wind industry’s highly paid lawyers(at our own expense)when we have elected Councils already committed to protecting their own electorate?
    Local municipalities are the sole ‘planning authority’ within their own communities.
    Regardless of the GEA or any upper tier government’s bad legislation, local municipalities can still refuse to issue Building Permits, if they show the courage to do so.
    Neither the Planners nor the Chief Building Official acts independently of the elected Council under the Municipal Act.
    It’s time to take on McGuinty’s GEA disaster and an out of control Industrial Wind Energy Industry only trying to scramble as many 20 year contracts as possible before this entire ‘Ponzi’ scheme collapses.
    These projects need to be stopped now. It needs any elected municipal Council to just commit to stopping them and standing up to McGuinty and the private corporate welfare Industrial Wind Energy companies who are offering nothing but their own enormous profits guaranteed by yours , and your children and grandchildren’s as yet uncollected taxes.
    Time to really fight Rural Ontario………..

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