Ontario Budget redux and Hydro Rates

What the Ontario Budget means for electricity ratepayers: Parker Gallant

posted by Wind Concerns Ontario.

Expecting a break? No way!!! “Gross savings to ratepayers from the DRC is about $315 million (4.5 million ratepayers X $70) and the loss to ratepayers of the OCEB will cost $720 million (4.5 million ratepayers X $160).”

“Now the bad news: the additional $100 in annual costs will be augmented by the following budget items. And that doesn’t include the additional cost of solar, wind and biomass that will come on stream.

Read the full comment from Parker Gallant here: Ontario2014Budget”.


I’ve been away, enjoying the wind without turbines, so this GOOD news arrived before my return.

The Welland Tribune reports [Greg Furminger] that the Appellants, Tara&Mike Pitt, will appeal the ERT decision against them concerning the building of two turbine that will intersect their flight path [OWR also reports] in Wainfleet.  Construction has been halted by Court order until the Appeal is heard and a decision handed down.  The construction site is approx. 1.5 km from Skydive Burnaby.

The Appeal to the ERT was filed last October over concerns that the IWT’s will pose a serious hazard for skydivers.  The Appeal failed (decision handed down in May).  A new Appeal will be heard in August, 18th & 19th, but this time by the Ontario Divisional Court (which is to say, not by the rubber-stamp government agency).

Skydive Burnaby Appeal Dismissed

Despite the evidence, and in spite of recent deaths caused by pilots hitting turbines, the ERT has rejected the appeal and construction on two turbines will proceed.  Read the details here Erie Media.

The MOE will push through as many approvals as it can before the provincial election.
Here’s the reaction of a Wainfleet Councillor in an email sent to K. Wynne, with the Subject, Thank You:

Dear Ms. Wynne,

I thought I would take a few minutes from my busy schedule as an alderman in a small rural community in the Niagara Region, to thank you for helping to turn our rural community into an industrial waste land and to take a viable business that has been in the community since World War 1 into one that will be severely impacted and probably will have to close its doors. How does the GEA give one monster business the ability to come unwanted into our community and crush the life out of another small well established local business ??

Your stubborn insistence that alternative energy projects be rubber stamped and forced on rural communities is pretty arrogant considering that you and your cronies have been told time and again that there is no need for alternative energy, the province has an over abundance of it to the point where we literally have to pay other jurisdictions to take it. This is creating hydro prices that are ridiculous in the extreme, especially it the Niagara Region because we have the cleanest greenest energy available in Niagara Falls.

In case you are unable to connect the dots, allow me to do so. We have hydro that is too expensive, therefore we have manufacturing that is leaving the province in droves heading to New York State, because they are offering hydro for next to nothing and giving building incentives and huge tax breaks to relocate there. This in turn is causing many job losses in the province and making people who had good paying jobs to turn to welfare. We have senior citizens on fixed incomes who already have had to make choices of heat or food, as well as those forced out of good paying jobs that went south to NY state who are now working a couple of part time jobs to make ends meet, as well as single parents In low income brackets all faced with the same idea, heat and hydro or food……BTW this is called energy poverty and will be coming to a neighborhood near you, if it isn’t already.

Now we have a local business that is no doubt going to be forced out of business thanks to you and your silly GEA that was voted on by 59 members of parliament and rammed through the process without the normal timeframe for all the rest of the members to read it and pose questions or objections. So again thanks for the forethought that went into this, I am sure you have many good friends in the wind industry, however that doesn’t do us out here in rural Ontario much good does it? Thanks so much for giving us all the opportunity to experience seeing our friends lose their livelihood and their passion not to mention a decrease in tourist dollars and Job loss, which again will have a negative impact on our community.

So far I am not seeing any positives with these turbine outcomes, so thanks for that too.

Get a clue,
Betty Konc

Hydro Bills Up For Election

Believe it or not, your Hydro Bill is up for election June 12.

The Party of the Government is offering an end to the Debt Retirement Charge in 2016 (a savings but not a significant one), but it will also end the Clean Energy Benefit, the 10% discount you currently get on your bill.  Then, it will add 90 cents to your monthly charge to subsidize low income consumers (the current government loves subsidies!). So, add the 10% you will be paying plus the 90 cents, and you will be paying more for power BEFORE the price goes up again (OWR) (story from Luisa D’Amato:To understand the election, look at your hydro bill).

The PC Opposition will eliminate wind and solar energy development that is today overloading the power grid and the massive tax subsidies that go with it: OWR Killing Green Energy. For those of your who want to cry Green tears, recall that the laws of physics dictate that it takes power to make power; ergo no green and no clean. And certainly not, FREE.  I could start a long essay on the power used to manufacture turbines and solar panels, the non-recyclable, toxic and non-green components that go into the making of these, but you can find this info online, if you want it.



get your red hot streamers…

What are they?  The birds that burn up or are injured as they fly over solar farms because the solar cells heat up the air above to 800 degrees.  Global Warming? No wonder, Clean, Green energy is doing its part to make it happen.

QLS »What are “Streamers”? Birds that Burn Up or Evaporate as They Fly Over a Solar Farm.

“According to the federal report, smaller birds may be burning up completely; injured ones may be dying off site; and those that fall to the ground may be carried away by scavengers.
Forensics lab staff observed a falcon or falcon-like bird with a plume of smoke streaming from its tail as it passed through the heat zone. The bird lost stability and descended, but the team could not locate it. The investigators could not identify many burning objects, which they call streamers.” (Quixotes Last Stand)


OWR reports on an attempt by Grey Highlands “to take advantage of a loophole in the Green Energy Act to enact a bylaw that would freeze the issuing of permits controlled by council, slowing down the placing of industrial wind turbines in the municipality”, as reported by Don Crosby in Owen Sound Suntimes:
“Chief administrative officer Dan Best stressed the proposed bylaw doesn’t purport to stop industrial wind turbines, but delay them until it can be determined whether they cause health problems.”
The report goes on to state,

Dingeldein (group spokesman) emphasized that both the federal and provincial governments have embarked on lengthy studies into the health issues related to living near wind turbines.

“Early findings in the provincial study . . . show a causal relationship between health issues and industrial wind turbines, but the report is not yet final. Prudence would suggest that we need to wait until the verdict is in,” said Dingeldein.

The loophole was exposed in the Wainfleet Setback By-law fight when it was discovered there was no legislation “to prohibit or strike down municipal bylaws when it comes to industrial wind energy projects.”

“Our proposed bylaw… freezes the municipal approval process until the municipality is satisfied that the healthy and safety issues are no longer an issue,” said Dingeldein.

The proposed by-law will be discussed and voted on later this month.