Who Pays To Tear It Down?

When an Industrial Wynne Turbine has to be taken down, for whatever reason, who pays for the teardown?[OntarioWindResistance]. Read original article in Farmers Forum: Who ponies up for Wind Turbine Teardown?.

Technically, and politically, it’s called “decommissioning”. The problem is not limited to the present but extends out 20 years, to the so-called lifespan of turbines; “decommissioning’ then becomes a problem, who does it and who pays for it?

“Many of these companies are relatively small or based outside of Canada and that creates what appears to be a real risk as there will be no pocket you can go to 20 years from now when a cleanup is actually required,” says Eric Gillespie, who has represented landowners and municipalities with wind turbine concerns. [FF]

Who’s left in this case? Landowners, municipalities, taxpayers. Wynne Turbines can weigh as much as 70 tonnes; a farmer and his tractor can’t take them down anymore than can the local municipality. World-wide costs for doing the job range from $30,000 to $80,000 per turbine. Developers need to present plans for turbine teardowns when they make their project proposals.

There is already a good model in place, says Gillespie. Under the Environmental Protection Act, the government will ask for financial assurance if there is a risk of adverse effects that could require remedial work. A letter of credit or security is required up front.
“Anything other than that might keep lawyers busy for a long time but won’t help communities. It’s about addressing the issue now rather than waiting for the end and crossing your fingers. It should be the companies that are earning the profits that have to pay the bill.”
[FF, emphasis added]

The costs of decommissioning would be an unbearable burden were they to be foisted on the municipalities. For the smallest ones, like Wainfleet, it would be a fatal burden. Any sensible opinion would state that the Province should have a decommissioning plan in place for Wynne Turbines, so that unwilling host communities will not be doubly burdened or taxed for these namesake Turbines.

Wainfleet, Hit Again

Construction impact [OWR] of Wynne Turbines hitting home in Wainfleet [Port Colborne Leader – Read article].

“There is no notice,” said Concession 6 property owner LeaAnne Robins, who has seen construction devastate roadside trees in front of her property. “They’ve massacred all the 80-year-old oaks on the road,” she said, explaining she expects construction of transmission towers to follow the clear cutting.

Construction has repeatedly blocked access at the north end of the road, forcing residents to take long detours.
“The school bus won’t even come down the road,” said Scott Murphy, whose four-year-old son and seven-year-old daughter now have to walk about a half kilometer through a construction zone to catch the bus.
“At one time they had both ends of the road blocked,” said Murphy, adding he is concerned that in an emergency situation first responders may be delayed or even prevented in reaching the area.

In olden days, it was called rape and pillage: rape of the land and pillage of property!
The leader of the gang is the person for whom the IWT’s are named: Industrial Wynne Turbines.

Greed Energy runs roughshod over rights and responsibilities, doing things even Hydro wouldn’t or couldn’t legally do.


Take a lesson from the, United States Fish and Wildlife Service: (blogged by OWR, re-blogged verbatim)

USFWS, Victory for Eagles:
Audubon Liz Bergstrom
Eagles just scored a big victory in the courts. This week the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service dropped an appeal it was pursuing in support of 30-year “take” permits that allow wind farms and other industries to disturb and kill Bald and Golden Eagles, as long as they take steps to protect the raptors. The appeal was part of a legal battle over the agency’s 2013 move to extend the length of these take permits’ validity by 25 years.

The 2013 rule extended five-year take permits, administered under 2009’s Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act, to a maximum length of 30 years with periodic check-ins. But in 2015 a federal judge sent the rule back to the drawing board, saying that the agency had not assessed the possible environmental impacts of extending the permit length as required by law.

The government initially appealed this court decision, but now has dropped its appeal. While USFWS did not provide a reason why they were dropping the appeal, the extended permit period has been met with substantial criticism. When it was first introduced, the proposal was criticized for allowing companies to self-report deaths and giving too much leeway to harm birds. It was also somewhat vague, stating that USFWS would work with companies to use “advanced conservation practices” if projects continued to kill eagles, but it never specified what these practices were. Read article


We are adding a new link to our Blogroll:The Human Face of Wind Turbines.

An excellent site to peruse the real damage to health caused by the Wynne Turbines.
The site’s owners have incorporated important links in their homepage banner:

Wind turbines harm the health of people, pets, and livestock.
Ontario doctors want you to know the truth.
Ontario’s rural communities are suffering.
Help spread the word.

 humanfaceThe Ontario Government is Deaf, Dumb and Blind to its citizens, their health, their homes and their need to be protected from BAD GOVERNMENT.

West Lincoln

West Lincoln asked to collect noise data. [WCO Blog] Niagara This Week, January 13, 2016, story by Amanda Moore.

With some of the largest industrial wind turbines in North America rising from the rural West Lincoln landscape, two citizens groups are asking the local government to begin monitoring noise.
“We want the township to appreciate the scope of the risk we are about to run with one of the largest wind projects in North America next to such a densely-populated area,” said Mike Jankowski, chair of the West Lincoln Glanbrook Wind Action Group (WLGWAG), which made a joint presentation to West Lincoln’s planning, building and environmental committee Monday with Mothers Against Wind Turbines (MAWT). “There are some risks that aren’t mitigated and we require the township to start collecting data both before and during the turbines.”

MAWT, specifically, has concerns with numerous changes to the NRWF project currently under development. The Township of Wainfleet has sent a letter to Ontario’s minister of energy questioning why there was no public process on major changes to the project. Both groups pressed West Lincoln committee to send correspondence to that same effect to the province.
“The township should press for answers,” said Jankowski.

TVO is a No-No

As far as the Liberal Booster Club, called The Agenda, is concerned!

It’s host is a dyed-in-the-wool Liberal cheerleader, WCO aka Wind Concerns Ontario proves why: Here is a blog posting by energy analyst Scott Luft, based on the past week’s edition of Ontario public broadcaster TVOntario‘s The Agenda, which dealt with the Auditor General’s report on how the Ontario government has mismanaged the energy file. The panel was virtually a three-to-one set-up against the lone supporter of the AG’s report, Brady Yauch of the Consumer Policy Institute.

With typical bias, the host of the programme mis-stated the Auditor General’s findings with the unsubtle intention of casting aspersions on the AG and her Report.  Worth reading, the WCO post, that is.  You can read the Report, too, if you don’t  believe Scott Luft.


And mind your own business, the Ontario Government’s latest policy on electricity: The Toronto Star report (by Brady Yauch) states, Ontario’s desire for total control over all aspects of the electricity sector is nearly fulfilled. [also blogged at Ontario Wind Resistance].

“Strengthening Consumer Protection and Electricity System Oversight Act,” denies funds to independent intervenors, effectively blocking any citizen action in Green Energy proceedings: Prior to this legislation, any individual ratepayer or organization representing ratepayers — ranging from big, industrial groups to cottage associations or low-income organizations — could apply for funding and act as an intervenor in any rate application. The government would instead replace the independent intervenors with a new government-appointed consumer representative. This is probably an attempt by the Government to reduce its deficits!

Not so fast, In other jurisdictions where this has occurred, the direct cost of this new bureaucracy has been far more expensive than the cost of reimbursing intervenors for their lawyers and consultants. The indirect costs of losing the ability to hold the utility monopolies to account by forcing them to justify their proposed rate increases before the OEB could be much greater still.

Why do this, you might ask, is the Government trying to help by appointing consumer representatives? NO! One study found that intervenors have been highly successful at paring back the monopolies’ rate requests, their lawyers and consultants costing ratepayers just 2 cents annually while helping to reduce rate increases by $28 per customer. Other studies found that intervenors account for 1 per cent or less of overall regulatory costs, which themselves are a small amount of total electricity costs borne by ratepayers.

So, saving money, reducing the deficit are not motives for this new legislation, but squishing and shutting the citizenry up are:
The province’s new legislation also ensures that any new transmission line can be deemed a “priority project” by the ministry of energy and automatically approved by the OEB. In the past, the OEB would analyze such projects to determine whether they were necessary or cost-effective. Furthermore, the province is considering more legislation that will exempt all government-directed energy plans or projects to be exempt from the Environmental Assessment Act.
Did you get that last bit, Green does not include environmental protection! Anymore than the costly waste of the Smart Meters did.

Here’s the bottomline: In the end, the OEB and the intervenors were the last voice of criticism that wasn’t on the payroll of the province. By replacing them with a government-led consumer advocate, the province will control every step of decision-making on electricity policy and spending, those pesky checks and balances eliminated at last.

Let’s hear it for the Wynne-lose crew!  Where’s the Charter of rights?   Blowing in the wind? It is clear that the corporate constituency enabled by Green legislation in Ontario is also a lobby strong enough to move the Government to act in a totalitarian manner for the protection of profit and corrupt policy.  The new legislation governing this should have “Overwrite” in its title.

Industrial Wynne Turbine

Hydro Rates Going Up, Again!. (Toronto Sun, Dec.30/15)

Start the New Year off right, pay more for Hydro… with Wynne you lose.
Due to Liberal incompetence, hydro bills skyrocketed 70% between 2008 and 2014 alone, with no end in sight.

From now on, the acronym IWT (industrial wind turbine) will be known as the Industrial Wynne Turbine, the cause of so many power rate increases, various job losses and industry shutdowns.
The Liberals’ answer is to sell 60% of Hydro One to the private sector for a quick cash fix, a move which will put the provincial utility beyond the scrutiny of the auditor general.

How bad is it? Look (from, Ontario Wind Turbines):
Ontario “Wynne” Turbines
Next 20 yrs will cost us $40,000 for Power
We pay more than any other Province, Power Rates by Province, Manufacturing is Leaving Ontario, more…

No end in sight, as long as Wynne keeps losing money over power generation.


One of the main, if not the defining one, reasons for Green Energy is the Climate Scam (based on normal changing weather patterns as interpreted by all the (rich) Chicken Littles of the World). As a result, Ontario suffers terrible economic, social and medical problems because of Green Energy and we all suffer under this heavy load of Horse Manure (Goldstein, Toronto Sun). A heavy load dumped by Canada’s new Boy King and the Wicked Witch of the East, his fairy godmother:
Wind and solar power are simply not ready to replace the use of coal, oil and natural gas to produce energy. [and hydro & nuclear]
They aren’t reliable or efficient enough to deliver the power required to fuel modern industrialized countries like our own, or developing nations that want to become part of the first world, like China and India.
[and let us not forget the Towers of Power require diesel engines to run}

But we know this already, those of us who rail and demonstrate against the Whirligigs of the McWynne Mandate. It bears repeating, over and over again. And there was a similar scare in 1898:
…the Chicken Littles at the Paris conference should remind us of another gathering of similar worthies at the world’s first urban planning conference held in New York in 1898.
Back then, the delegates weren’t obsessed with fossil fuels but with horse manure. Literally.
In New York in 1898, 200,000 working horses each produced an average of 24 pounds of horse manure daily, meaning almost five million pounds of manure were being dumped on city streets every 24 hours.

The stuff was piled 60 ft high in city streets, and then came the electric street car and the gasoline engine to save the day (and eliminate the health problems posed by that much horse do-do). Science (not the bogus consensus “Science” of today’s climate crap), it is hoped, will save us from the Manure excreted at the Paris Conference and the regular dumps made by the UN. And let us not forget the BS and horse manure that passes for government in Ontario…

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