A serious hiccup has developed in the Sky Dive Burnaby Wainfleet Wind Energy appeal.  The developer wants to add additional information.  Sky dive’s objection to more clarifications after the gate had been shut, so to speak, was rejected..

“Our clients are having considerable difficulty in understanding how a process they thought was over, is back to where it was at two months ago,” Gillepsie [sic] said. “We haven’t been able to find any cases where this has happened before.” [Erie Media],

Sounds too much like a search for a way out of Sky Dive’s evidence on safety; in other words, what are limits of safety’.  How far can we bend the rules and still allow for construction?

Province-wide PROTEST

Against Hydro rates: OWR, reporting details from Millstone News: We need as many people as we can get to join us on April 4 to make our voice heard and let us send a clear message that the out of control escalation of Hydro rates and charges, the aberrant customer service and lack of accountability has to end.

Find a protest near you

Andrea NDPee $100 to Buy Your Vote

Did you get one of these, with a promise of a $100 hydro rebate?  From Andrea and the NDPee hypocrites?  They are going to clean up Hydro, reduce costs and eliminate debt (and still keep the Greed Energy programme).  She is going to cap executive pay (at its current inflated numbers, no doubt). And she will stop subsidizing hydro sales to other jurisdictions (but doesn’t say how she’s going to convince any buyers to pay the inflated costs of Greed-produced power).

She will stop “private power deals” (what are they?)  And of course she will solve the gas plant fiddle… but not clean up hydro’s bloated bureaucracies.  

The wrath of Horwath?  And the NDPee that never answers or acknowledges emails sent to them by constituents but is pleased to send out their crap.  Damn! there is no link or button to click where you can send her a rude reply… pity!


Thank you for adding your voice to the debate.

Today I announced our plan to cut hydro waste and pass the savings on to you with a $100 rebate.

I will:
Stop the $1 billion annual subsidy of electricity exports to jurisdictions like New York and Michigan by taking Ontario hydro sales out of the hands of speculative energy traders
Cap executive pay and cut down on waste and duplication by merging Ontario’s hydro agencies
Stop new private power deals and review of all current private power contracts in the wake of the $1-billion gas plant scandal

These are practical and achievable steps that cut the waste and put money back in your wallet.

Now we need your help to get Kathleen Wynne and Tim Hudak to listen.  Share. Tweet. Talk to your neighbours.  And encourage them to add their voice.


Andrea Horwath
Leader, Ontario NDP
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No Fit After FIT?

Plans to build wind farms in England and Scotland are being scrapped in the first sign that the Government’s proposed cut to subsidies is taking effect

That’s the headline in the UK Telegraph newspaper (Ref. from NA-PAW):

Developers are abandoning plans for new wind farms in Britain because they are “no longer financially viable”.
The decision to scrap the wind farms is the first evidence that the spread of turbines across the country is being halted. It follows a radical overhaul by the Government of the consumer subsidy, worth more than £1 billion a year to wind farm owners.

Will Ontario get the message?  The PC Opposition in the province has promised to ditch the Feed-in Tariff programme “that allows homeowners, business owners and private developers to generate renewable energy and sell it to the province at a guaranteed price for a fixed contract term”.  The unpublished addendum to that gov’t blurb is, and pays them NOT to generate power. BUT, let’s hope the promise of no fit for FIT will not mean the same in Ontario as it does in UK:

Wind farms facing the axe are likely to be ones completed after 2017 when owners will be forced to bid for subsidy from a limited pot of money. The successful bids will win subsidies at reduced rates.

Let’s hope Tim is not so dim as to fall for this work-around.

Will They Cause Harm?

That’s the issue for the Tribunal hearing the appeal on the two turbines in limbo in Wainfleet.  Whether or not they can be built depends on the Tribunal’s assessment of likely harm.

Not building them, says counsel representing the developer, would be tantamount to expropriation of property, as reported by Greg Furminger in the Welland Tribune. The same lawyer also said, any risk to skydivers would be “abnormal,” basing his statement on appellant testimony that at times referred to turbines being a navigation risk subsequent to a parachute failure.

The Test is, on the balance of probabilities, what is the likelihood of an accident? There is also a test used by the ERT: the mandate to push through applications for turbine development.

The Appellant’s lawyer, Eric Gillespie, outlined the risks to skydivers and stated that to rule against the Appeal would be to take “a gamble” on doing harm. “Rarely killing somebody … doesn’t come close to being acceptable for a project like this,” Gillespie said.

The time of the ruling on the Appeal is still up in the air.

Cost of Curling Soars

Curling in Welland Costs a lot in terms of hydro (read article in Welland Tribune).

Local NDPee MPPee Cindy Forster does her usual song and dance while her party continues to prop up the Wynne-lose government:
Forster blamed the Liberal government for allowing facilities like the curling club to be put at risk.
“Under this government’s watch, electricity prices have doubled in this province. While power gets sold across the border to New York State at a fraction of what Ontarians pay, the Welland Curling Club in my riding is in danger of closing because of sky high hydro bills,” Forster said Tuesday. “Community clubs like the Welland Curling Club are at the heart of social life in our communities.” 
BUT, not at the heart of the NDPee.

The NDPee: All piss and no vinegar.

Airports Airstrips & Turbines


Trevor Thompson  (click to read)Blackburn News
Despite months of inaction regarding eight turbines near the Chatham-Kent Municipal Airport, Chatham-Kent-Essex M-P-P Rick Nicholls says he’s confident a resolution is coming.

Nicholls admits there’s one scenario he’s worried about. “What I do not want to see is the municipal government say ‘well we have a certified airport, we’ll just decertify it, and therefore airport zoning regulations are no longer in effect,’” says Nicholls. “That’s like saying today I rob a bank and that’s against the law so I get thrown in jail. Next week the laws change and it’s okay so I guess I’m free now.”

What are the implications for other airport/airstrips currently battling Turbines?

Turbine Facts

Wind is Waning… “Clean Green” or expensive Con game paid for by, U?